Calling all Creative Types for Homework Assignment



Dear Comrades,

As I’m currently “campaigning” for a Shorty Award (everyone likes a pat on the back), the organisation encourages nominees to create a campaign video to promote their “cause”.

I have a few ideas rattling around and hope to have something edited together for the Weekend of Jan 19th .  I may also fail miserably and not bother.

This is where you come in.

I would love to have a logo/wallpaper/and or banner that I can use as a graphic in my campaign video.  Something that reflects the activity of the @GSpellchecker account, and contains either  “@GSpellchecker” or “Godless Spellchecker” if possible.  Perhaps incorporating stop signs, perhaps not if you have a better idea. Be creative!

I will then incorporate it into my video, then upload the video to this blog when/if it is completed.  I will also display all the designs, including those that were unused (if any are actually received!) and their creator’s details, along with a link to a social network/website of their choice on my blog, along with a thank you of course.

I’m excited to hear from you and thank you.

Please email graphics to [email protected]*. Please ensure you include your name, and a link of your choice for credit.


*By emailing your designs to me, you grant me permission to use it across various media formats, however desired. I will never claim artistic responsibility for your work.



  • *sigh* We have a brilliant design person in our office with whom I would love to collaborate on this for you. Sadly, she is deeply religious (at our holiday party she once told me not to stand too close to the fireplace lest I get an idea of how much I would be burning in hell one day) and I feel it would, perhaps, be a mistake to ask. Good luck! I did cast my vote for you in the “education” category.

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