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Back in October I extended an invitation to fellow non-believers to be a guest on a ‘planned’ podcast which would focus (mostly!) on the Christmas experience. Thankfully, I received plenty of interest from people far and wide. Phew.

The idea was to create something which would allow people to hear what Christmas means to other non-believers with varying cultural backgrounds, traditions and opinions.

My only hope is to provide the opportunity to learn something, laugh a little and reinforce the knowledge that religion needn’t be the only reason for the season.

All Episodes will be released throughout December for free via iTunes  and Youtube.  Click below to listen now:


Although these will remain available for free, if you do enjoy them, please consider making a contributory donation below.  Your contribution will be used to supplement ongoing hosting & production costs, new equipment for further shows and possibly Scotch.  Yeah.  Definitely Scotch.

Click To Support This Podcast

Click To Support This Podcast

It’s been a huge pleasure and privilege to talk to so many different and interesting people. Finding the time to juggle full-time employment, unforgiving time differences and a laborious editing process has been a challenge, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  It’s with regret that I haven’t been able to reach out to everyone that took the time to contact me, but I’m incredibly grateful to have heard from you all the same.

Podcasting is new territory for me and has been somewhat of an experiment and a learning curve. Depending on whether the support outweighs the cost of hosting, I may consider creating a new show next year. Perhaps a debate format? A fortnightly topical show? A spoken guide? Who knows?  Any feedback would be appreciated.

A huge thanks to all my featured guests, and thanks for listening.

Have a great Christmas,



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  • Loved this. You kind of sound like you were born for this medium, you sounded very smooth and comfortable. A future radio job? Anyway, I ditched Twitter back in Oct (used to be oculus mundi on there) and I’ve missed your brand of humour, so I really enjoyed this. Loved the jokes – I’m an atheist, not a sadist, ha! PS, we have pork pies in Aus too 🙂

    So glad not to hear anyone call Hallowe’en American, as it’s Celtic and the Scots and Irish have been celebrating it for hundreds of years. We should go back to calling dressing up and going door to door guising and go back to the traditional Scottish “The sky is blue the grass is green, are ye daeing Hallowe’en?” Much nicer. Burns wrote about Hallowe’en in the 1700s:

    And oh, brussel sprouts! My mum used to make us eat those, and only ever at xmas, and they were so very terrible! I think, unlike you she might have been a sadist 😉

    This was fun. I look forward to more.

  • The service for transforming the youtube video to mp3 won’t convert the 2nd video due to it’s length.It won’t convert a video longer than 20 minutes. Do you have any other ways to get this podcast in an audio format for portability?

  • Getting an mp3 on the site you linked to with podcast 2 didn’t work. Could be it is longer than 20 mins perhaps??? Have a look at the Libsyn service for podcasters. it will save you from getting caught by bandwidth charges.

    • I may look into that in the new year. I currently intend to release 7 episodes within one month, which would mean paying for the pricier package for the required upload space.


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