Podcast Thanks, Support and the Future


Thanks to everyone that has listened to my Christmas Podcasts and sent some positive words my way. Also, a huge thanks to all my brilliant guests.  At the time of blogging this, the show has had over 15,500 listens and rising. That’s far exceeded my wildest expectations. Thank you.

It’s been a huge pleasure to speak with such funny, smart and lovely people. If you’ve enjoyed hearing from my guests, please let them know by Tweeting some love their way.

It’s been a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. If I’m honest, I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard on anything in my life.  I’ve quickly learned that releasing 7 podcasts in 20 days, whilst maintaining a full-time job is…mental.

I’m currently weighing up the idea of another regular fortnightly show in the New Year.  I’m brainstorming some ideas to try and make it funny, informative & engaging.  Whether I do produce a new show largely depends on whether or not the audience support outweighs the server costs (£110/US$180 per year) plus production costs.  I don’t want to charge for content, so I would have to rely on the generosity of voluntary contributions from the listeners to supplement the costs.

If everybody that enjoyed the show donated a dollar, a pound or a….Yuan (I don’t really know China), this would help supplement the costs involved and could even go towards new equipment to improve production and audio quality. If you’ve enjoyed the Podcast and would like to hear more, please consider making a contribution amount of your choice by becoming a patron.

If that’s something you can’t do right now, please take a minute to review/rate and subscribe to the show on Stitcher & iTunes.  This will improve the ranking of the show, and enable it to reach a bigger audience.  Because my show is listed in the category of “Religion & Spirituality” the majority of my competition are evangelical religious shows.  Listening, rating and reviewing will help me knock a few of them of their perch.  This thought makes me happy.

Thanks again,

I hope you’ve laughed and learned something.

Have a great Christmas



  • I enjoyed the podcasts. Well done. If you are going to do some more you will have to think about getting yourself a podcasters microphone so you can make your own voice sound more even. There is not much you can do with the guests except ask them to use an external mic rather than the mic in the computer.

    The xmases here in Catalonia would amuse you. They have a log called a Tio with a face painted on it which has to be fed and it shits presents. After the kids have beaten it with a stick while singing a traditional song. In the same theme when they do a nativity scene they will add one of the cagant figures in there somewhere, which is a shitting man.

    Also in a nearby town there is a Pessebre Vivent which is a real life nativity scene. The whole village takes part and they have a load of tableaux with all the various scenes. Donkeys and sheep included. But then what else would you expect in a catholic country.

    Used to hate sprouts but now I like to eat them if cooked in a particular way.

    Anyway. Good podcast and now you have fans you will have to do more of them. Will you go regular with them or wait until there is Easter, to talk with atheists about for the next in the series.

  • Greetings GS!

    I’ve been following you on Twitter for quite some time and enjoyed every second of it. When it comes to podcasts I have an issue though as I for reasons unknown to me can’t focus on listening to it at all. I need visual stimulance. Even with the great Hitch, whom I very much loved and admired, I couldn’t just “listen” to him but needed a filmed debate, to my great sorrow.

    So my question is if you can produce it in video format in the future? Maybe a video conference with your guests or similar. Would love if you’d gave it a thought and released something like this on Youtube f.ex.

    Sincerely, Zen

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