Team #GFGS raises £22,773.69 for charity in 2013

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What a year!  Team Good for Good’s Sakes’ WaterAid fundraising finally came to an end on Christmas day, finishing on an astonishing £11,843.03, smashing our £11,000 target goal.

This also completely obliterated our previous £10,930.66 record for Red Nose Day earlier in the year.  This brings the total amount raised for charity by Team #GFGS in 2013 to an incredible £22,773.69.

This was achieved because a significant, but by no means huge, group of people decided that contributing to charitable causes was a worthy idea for its own sake, regardless of what you do or don’t believe about anything else. This was done without media, financial or corporate support of any kind.  That’s incredible, and I think everyone who played a part should be proud of themselves.

WateraidTotalWaterAid is a fantastic organisation.  I need not waste your time explaining why access to clean water is such an imperative, so please visit them to see exactly how they will use the money to do good. From setting up sustainable water access in the poorest of places, to creating communities which are educated and trained in the skills required to maintain that infrastructure. Please consider choosing WaterAid should you be considering a charitable cause to fundraise for in the future.

I honestly didn’t think we could surpass our Red Nose Day efforts.  It’s such a pleasure and privilege to be continually surprised by the passion, intelligence, activism and good humour of those that engage with my Twitter feed.  Thank you.

A massive thank you to everyone that donated money and shared the fundraising page around. I’ve no doubt what we have achieved here together will help change lives for the better.  And why would we like to do that?  Because it’s a good thing to do.

I don’t really think about my Twitter shenanigans much further ahead than the present. This is due to understanding that my digital lifespan is also finite, with a limited shelf-life and therefore I don’t take it for granted that people will always be interested in what I have to say.  It’s for this reason that I am cautious about making plans for another charitable drive so soon, but if I’m still around in April and people are still interested I will consider setting up another cause for us to get our teeth into.  Up for the challenge?

Obviously, I understand the chances of reaching these heights again in 2014 are unlikely.  But I said that last time too.  And I’d be ecstatic to be wrong again.

Have a great New Year. Be Good


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  • Spectacular! I do hope you will consider marshaling the forces of Good for Good’s Sake again for another worthy cause. It gives me great pride to be able to contribute and know that it comes from a longing to do something good for mankind not because a church or a faith insists on it but because it’s the right thing to do. Congrats to you, and best wishes for a happy, peaceful and love-filled 2014! I am off to listen to your podcast with Ricky Gervais….something I didn’t find time for during the holidays but am squeaking in during work hours since it’s quiet in my office. Shhh….don’t tell my boss!

    • Haha. That’s great. Thank you for the kind words. Have a great new year

      • A bit into my cups here (gin…my drug of choice) but just have to relate a story too long for the 140-character Twitter limit. Today was the first time I got engaged in a somewhat serious debate on Twitter (very mild by your standards but really, a first for me, and with this douche, as if it matters: @littlegeetz), and just have to relate to you how helpful and wonderful your past tweets have been. I tried to elicit actual documentation for his claims, he ignored, etc. I will cop to the fact that I resorted to some name-calling (“coward”) which you NEVER do, and I’m ashamed that I stooped to that. I resolve to argue more cleanly in the future. The upshot is this: (1). You are a huge inspiration with your wit and knowledge and (2) there were 2-3 other atheist Tweeters who helped me out. I LOVE this community, and I thank you for bringing so many of us together. I do not know what you do for your actual living (I know only that you work at a “regular” job) but what you do on Twitter (and beyond… in the amazing fundraising) is incredible). Please keep it up. And if you ever want to visit a hauntingly beautiful part of th US, consider Santa Fe. You can stay in my little guest house any time. Thanks for everything, GS!

  • Excellent. Make sure you post something about it on here if you do in 2014, please, as I ditched FB and Twitter and don’t want to miss out on being a part of it. And well done!

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