Twitter Suspension – Podcasting and Vegas!


It looks like I’ve been suspended on Twitter. I’d planned to just wait it out, but I’ve received tons of messages and emails about it, which is surprising and very kind.  Thank you!  So I thought I’d share some info.

No reason has been given for the suspension and I’ve initiated the appeal process with Twitter.  This can take days, weeks, or could result in permanent suspension. I imagine it’s all a pretty automated affair.

I’ve a suspicion they’ll come back and inform me I’ve been reported for abuse (something similar seems to have happened to prominent video blogger Thunderf00t for annoying the right people).  Obviously, anyone who’s followed me for some time will know that any complaints of abuse could not have been sincere – or accompanied by a single valid example.  It’s a comfort to know that I’m annoying the right people enough to the point that they feel silencing me is a worthy endeavour!  I can’t be certain who’s responsible, but who cares?  It’s all a bit dull, isn’t it?

Obviously genuine abuse online is very serious & a deeply unpleasant thing, and it is good that Twitter takes a strong stance on it.  It’s just a shame that Twitter’s automated process is so deeply flawed.  We now have an online environment where members of ISIS can tweet endless selfies with various dismembered body parts to no consequence, yet a handful – or perhaps even one person can have me suspended on false charges.

It seems Twitter suspends first and asks questions later.  But what are you going to do?  There are real problems, and then there are Twitter problems.  It’s amusing to think that some prominent bloggers actually make a career out of this sort of online ‘nontroversey’.  Shall I rage on about harassment now?  Censorship?  Bullying? Use it as evidence that there’s a concerted effort to silence men online? Perhaps not.

To be honest, the trolls couldn’t have chosen a better time. I fly out to Vegas this week, so had planned to have some twitter/podcasting downtime.  Who’s been to Vegas?  Any suggestions for things to see? Hit the comments!  Talking of ‘deep rifts’, follow my backup account @GSpellcheck and I’ll tweet you some pictures from the Grand Canyon. I’m incredibly excited!


The podcast will be completely unaffected by this silliness – and I have one episode left to release for September, which should arrive this week.  Make sure you’re subscribed in iTunes, Stitcher or your preferred podcasting service.  If you rely solely on my twitter feed for new podcast episodes, I’d suggest joining the mailing list on this blog and I’ll email you when new content is available.  Alternatively, you can just like my Facebook page.

I can’t say this enough, but thank you for all the podcast support.  I’ve recently surpassed 150,000 downloads, which is absurd.  This has far exceeded my wildest expectations from when I first started last November.  All you wonderfully generous patreon supporters mean a lot to me.  Speak to you soon.  Do I bet on red or black?






  • Twitter insanity. I have never seen you be abusive. Always polite (if pointed!) Good luck with the appeals process.

    I’ve been to Vegas quite a bit and will be interested to hear your thoughts about it after your visit. It’s a little microcosm of the U.S., it seems and you will see a bit of everything. The Cirque du Soleil shows are all amazing — “Mystere” is my personal favorite. Have fun!

    Look forward to continued updates about your banishment!

  • I recommend Penn & Teller, if you haven’t already seen them!

  • Las Vegas is the greatest place on earth. Travel advice. Don’t take the casino busses from the airport to your hotel, slow and hot in those things. Take a cab from the airport, tell them to flamingo drive, if you’re going to stay on the strip, save a few bucks cab fair. If you are staying on the strip or near it don’t rent a car waste of money. Ride the very comfortable double decker buses or the monorail. Bus is 5 dollars for all day pass, runs every 15 in front of casinos, like clockwork. If you need a car for a day rent one from any of the casinos.

    My favorite place there is treasure island. There’s a great bar in there called kahunaville. Caesar palace is a must see, as is paris and the Venetian. Having fun is your only option brother. Enjoy!

  • Go see “O” Cirque de Soleil and Zumanity…have a sandwich at ‘Witchcraft at the MGM…get half price tickets at Tix4Tonite.

  • Well that’s all a bit daft isn’t it?! Oh well it’s only twitter, hope you’re back soon though.

    Been a few years since I was there but opposite the Wynn casino at the top of the strip, there’s an outdoor bar called Strip Burger. Pretty decent list of beers and cocktails to make your way through.

  • It’s insanity gone mad! If I only had the choice to follow one account, yes, you’ve guessed it, it would be @raycomfort. Only joking, I would rather be the “subject” in a ISIS member’s selfie. It would be you, @GSpellchecker, honest to Go-… well, you know what I mean.
    It’s been a while since I was in Vegas but if the Grand Canyon is still there, it’s a must see. Myself and two mates aren’t / weren’t gamblers so paid for the Deluxe tour and flew into the canyon, explored it for a bit then had a BBQ with the Hualapai Tribe and was then given the guided tour by Don Havatone of the Hualapai’s – an amazing human being.
    So enjoy your hols and don’t forget the Vegas legend: “gamble like f**k”

  • Get yourself upgraded in a Vegas hotel. Google “Vegas 20 doller trick”.
    Definitely worth it!!

  • Go to Las Vegas New Mexico instead. It is the first and real Las Vegas first of all. Second the Plaza Hotel is haunted. You should have fun with that. Third, No Country for Old Men was shot there. Fourth, it was one of Kit Carson’s stomping grounds. Much more and better history there. Scenery is exquisite.

  • Go to the Stratosphere, the revolving restaurant at the top is nice. There are rides up there even, I tried the ex-scream, give it a go! Also, Penn & Teller, yes definitely!!

  • I live in Vegas, and obviously love what you do. Happy to help you in any way find things to do. I am a chef on the strip so dining is where I might be most useful. Need a ride from the airport? It would be my honor.

  • This is a pretty godless town, you should fit in fine.

  • Yeah, Penn & Teller are a must. Caesar’s Palace & the Luxor at night ( from outside ). Also, don’t take any tickets from the Ticket Touts on the Street, it’s all a scam. if it sounds too good to be true, it is. If you have a car, park in the casino car parks, it’s free, everywhere else costs.
    A lot of the casino hotel rooms are dumps, this is deliberate, so you don’t spend too much time in your room and more time in the casino itself. One of the exceptions is the South Point casino right down the southern end of the strip, far enough away to be able to offer really good rooms. This is where TAM is held every year.

  • I recommend Blue Man Group. I hate that you were suspended too!

  • Obviously, this whole thing is ridiculous. I hope for some sort of positive outcome. If not, I’m sure you’ll still be fine.

  • Cirque Du Soleil’s LOVE, if you like the Beatles. And you’re an advocate of logic and reason, therefore, of course you like them 🙂

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