Ep#43 – Father Ordered To Take Kids To Church- Dr. Steve

Many of you may have read about the father required to take his children to Catholic mass by a judge as part of a divorce settlement.  The very father himself, Anonymous Dr Steve (@ChurcAtGunpoint) joins me on The #GSPodcast this week.  He’ll be telling me all about how this came to be – and the hopes he has for getting some answers.  We also talk about his atheism, scepticism and how our approach to the problem of Islam differs slightly.  You can view and sign a petition on Change.org to help Steve’s cause.

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  • what do you think would be the best outcome, that it it just gets thrown out, and muted, or that theres a dominoes effect that states NO religion in court !!! is that even possible ? maybe the judge just standing down to become a porter !

  • Another brilliant podcast! Thank you Godless Mancunian and Dr Steve.

    Firstly, I hope Steve manages to solve his forced religious problem.

    Secondly, I’d like to ask a question regarding one of the subjects you touched upon.

    I agree with you both that Islam, it’s scripture and teachings are in desperate need of reformation, and I also agree that the best outcome would be for Muslims to reach this conclusion themselves and take positive action together.

    My question is, at what point do you think Western societies should decide they have waited long enough for that to happen and intervene?

    (Sorry to drift away from your main topic.)


  • Brilliant! Can’t believe I’ve just found this podcast! “It sounds a fucking nightmare.” Wonderful, thanks!

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