‘Taking The Myth’ – New Discussion Show For The #GSPodcast

gs-podcast-1Over the last few months or so, in addition to my regular interview based podcasts – I’ve also been releasing ‘phone-in’ ethical/topical discussion content in the form of my BBC The Big Questions debriefs (thanks to the excellent co-host work of A Scotsman Abroad). The downloads, feedback and participation has been incredibly positive. The UK TV show these debriefs are based on is due to take a break soon, and it struck me that this would be a good opportunity to continue and expand on this podcast format whilst making some improvements.

This brings me to a new fortnightly podcast format (maybe even weekly) I’m going to launch, tentatively titled ‘Taking The Myth‘. The idea is to accumulate many topical issues of religion and scepticism throughout the week then discuss them on the podcast, inviting caller participation and debate. I would also invite topic suggestions and questions from social media. This would also give the show a less UK-centric feel, negating the need to have seen a TV show not available globally. I intend to make these at least 40 mins in length too.

The podcast, as always will still prioritise its interview based content, these topical discussions will be in parallel to those. And for those wonderful people kind enough to have become a Patreon supporter for the show, I will only ever put the first 4 podcasts per month as Patreon supported, even though I often release many more.

I want this to be as interactive as possible, giving you, the listener a platform to express your opinions, or share news and stories. Keep an eye on my Twitter feed for further details. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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