Asghar Bukhari Has A Vile And Unhinged Twitter Meltdown


The name of Asghar Bukhari enjoyed brief infamy this last week or so after he publicly claimed to have had his footwear stolen from his home, in the dead of night – by ‘Zionists’! This spawned the deliciously rewarding hash tag ‘#MossadStoleMyShoe’ on Twitter. You can hear me discuss this story on my ‘Taking The Myth‘ Podcast (Skip to 5:20):

Now, it’s an unfortunate reality that ranting, Jew-obsessed Islamists are not exactly a novelty, and as such, would not usually merit the extra attention this blog may afford them.

What makes this particular instance of crackpottery noteworthy however is that Asghar Bukari is a founder of ‘The Muslim Public Affairs Committee‘ (MPACUK) and a go-to favourite of Sky News. Indeed, I’ve previously exposed his fellow MPACUK colleague Raza Nadim’s inability to condemn the practice of stoning people to death.

My interaction with Bukhari began after stumbling across the following sorry scene in Manchester’s Northern Quarter on Saturday evening, to which I couldn’t resist the opportunity to poke a little fun his way:

The responses I received however, were somewhat unexpected to say the least:

He implies Britain’s days are numbered (UPDATE: See Footnote)1. Then a rather sinister threat is made:

Bukhari seems to take joy in telling me that even a ‘loaded gun’ won’t help me when faced with this predicted Islamic Takeover of his.

It’s worth pointing out ‘my’ country is also Bukhari’s of England, but he appears to think he’s talking to an Israeli. The next accusation is truly bizarre:

I am now referred to as a ‘ZioNazi’, linked to an image of a bloody child’s shoe and told I ‘usually murder’ children. I tell him he’s embarrassing himself:

I remind him he fronts the ‘Muslim Public Affairs committee’.


Jews firmly on the ‘brain’.


I’m now threatened with ‘Hell’ and an offer of being ‘pissed on’ is made. Remarkable.

Another detractor is told they ‘look like a pedo’.


I think his own words are testament to the suggestion that Mr. Bukhari should never again be afforded a platform on a national news network.

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  1. 22/06/2015 –  On reflection, it seems more likely Bukhari has assumed I’m an Israeli, for no good reason whatsoever. This baffling and contradictory exchange was difficult to decipher to say the least given he used the terms ‘your country’ and ‘your state’ when addressing me, someone from the U.K. – when talking about Israel. This was further confounded by his random use of an anti-British meme during the exchange


  • Truly unbelievable. For someone who’s been on the news, he comes across as an extremely petulant and deluded child.

  • Wow. Just… wow. I though they were supposed to be presenting a better public image for Muslims? Great job.

  • He posted a picture of a shoe? Dude is obsessed.

  • Well, I hear Scientology is looking for a new PR person.

  • Wow. I almost feel sorry for him. He’s delusional.
    Hope Sky takes note.
    Also, glad to find out what the image on the hand was. When I saw it in your TL, I couldn’t make out what it was, no matter how much I zoomed in.

  • bukhari is nothing but a racist,anti semetic,thinner, wimpy poodle looking version of anjem choudary,him and his racist muslim public affairs hate committee should of been proscribed years ago and shut down years ago.

  • The only way to beat these deluded specimens is with good argument. We dont need abuse or guns or armies to defeat them just constant, patient and well presented arguments and its only a matter of time before the whole world will wake up to them, including the so called moderate Muslims.

  • Bukhari is vile, no question. An anti-semite and an awful representative for any community. But yours is a thoroughly dishonest analysis of the exchange. When he says that your shit state won’t be there for long, why did you write that the implication was that Britain’s days were numbered? He’s talking about Israel, not Britain. He’s always on about Israel and the IDF and about how Israel will fall someday. Now, if you follow Bukhari, which I assume you do, then you know this. He also refers to you as a Zionist throughout the exchange, so he is clearly talking about Israel, not Britain.

    And you double down by claiming the loaded gun comment is referring to an Islamic takeover. Again, that’s a lie. He’s saying that the IDF won’t be able to stop Israel from falling one day. Bukhari may be hate-filled and paranoid, but he’s not a pious Islamist dreaming of the caliphate. He rarely talks about theology. His obsession is with Israel, and the US and British military and making himself out to be a victim in their wars.

    I usually like your articles, but this was terrible. If you have to lie to make your point, then you don’t have one

    • Scott, rather than jumping straight to accusations of dishonesty and lying, is it not simply possible my (potentially) inaccurate reading may have been the result of his deeply baffling, contradictory and illogical statements? Especially since there was no reason whatsoever to assume I’m an Israeli? I’ve since added footnotes to clarify the likelihood he assumed (inexplicably) that I was an Israeli – not something a dishonest liar would do, I submit.

      And of course, being called a ‘Zionist’ doesn’t make this obvious either. You need not be an Israeli or Jewish to qualify for such charges. Also, if you’re familiar with his work, you will know he is relentlessly anti-Britain too and actually posted anti-British Memes during the exchange…

      And my point was: ‘Asghar Bukhari Has A Vile And Unhinged Twitter Meltdown’ – which remains intact regardless of analysis.

      Needless to say, any interpretation of his rant is not a pleasant one.

  • When I read his tweets I assumed he was talking about the UK. It’s unfair to suggest the author is lying. We don’t normally have to think too hard about what ‘your country’ refers to when the conversation is between two people living in the UK.

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  • “The Jews Stole My Shoe”.

    Think it’ll catch on as an anti-Semitic nursery rhyme? Bukhari is a petulant, racist idiot.

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