Taking The Myth – Nothing To Do With Islam – 28 June 2015

This week on Taking The MythStephen Knight and A Scotsman Abroad discuss the big topics with guest callers: The spate of Islamist terror attacks in recent days and the ‘nothing to do with Islam’ brigade. We also talk about the latest episode in the CJ Werleman saga, answer your questions and have a disagreement about religious freedom plus much more!

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  • The mental gymnastics evangelicals would have to exercise to reconcile their faith with the possible findings of extraterrestrial life froms will be that of a circus act.
    The Catholics will most likely claim Jesus died for their sins and launch a campaign for quick baptisms in hopes of saving their souls from eternal damnation.
    It would be a total comedy show.

  • The word secular is currently used in two ways depending on the subject which indeed does cause confusion. Secular state, secularism = separation religion and state. Secular groups/people = grouping term for people identifying as agnostics, atheists, brights, humanists, nones etc.

  • A Scotsman Abroad is absolutely correct. Children, particularly in Islam, are brainwashed from the moment they are born. I am surprised that everyone is so shocked that a seemingly educated Muslim student suddenly becomes a mass murderer in Tunisia. He was already half-way there via his religious background. It doesn’t take much by determined and clever Jihadists to tip vulnerable young people over the edge. Islam itself is the underlying problem.

    • Agreed, I’m onboard with the larger point on indoctrination and child abuse – it’s restricting access to places of worship where I think our agreement wanes

      • I think I’m on your side on restrictions to access. I think ASA is too proscriptive here. Interfering in what British society generally feels is the family’s right to educate their children in the way they think appropriate is a minefield. A long-term approach is for our culture to view religion in the same vein as its supernatural bedmate, witchcraft. We are then more able to hold it up to ridicule.

    • I don’t want to labor my point too much lads,but what is your position on access to crack dens,specifically for children below lets say 16 years of age who have parents which are devout,habitual and evangelical crackheads ?

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