Video Of ISOC Islamists Disrupting & Intimidating At University Talk


I recently wrote about Goldsmiths Islamic Society’s (ISOC) attempts to have human rights campaigner Maryam Namazie disinvited from a speaking event organised by The Atheist, Secularist and Humanist Society (ASH). When they didn’t get their way, members of ISOC simply turned up to the talk and initiated a campaign of disruption and intimidation instead. Despite the group comprising of thuggish, male Islamists attempting to silence and intimidate a female minority, The Goldsmiths Feminist Society, in a display of utter moral confusion took the decision to release a statement in solidarity with ISOC. Full video of the event is now available here, which I urge you to watch, however the full video is nearly two hours long, so I’ve taken the liberty of editing it down to highlight the main instances of thuggish behaviour and disruption from ISOC members:

It’s worth noting that throughout the entire talk, doors were banged and mobile phone notifications were consistently audible from the ISOC members on the front row. This was during the moments they weren’t shouting out, turning off Maryam’s PowerPoint equipment or switching off the main lights.

It’s interesting to note from the full video, that once the male disruptors from ISOC had been removed or left, some meaningful dialogue actually took place. And that’s what’s needed. That’s what Islamists fear and seek to close down.

Maryam Namazie is a hero for refusing to be intimidated and silenced by the behaviour of these thugs. It’s a travesty that those purporting to stand for feminism betrayed her.

I hope Goldsmiths Student Union identifies these culprits and takes the appropriate action. I will be contacting them myself and requesting as much. I urge others to do the same by clicking here.

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  • That is disgraceful – what is happening to our Universities? Who should I make representations to at the University?

  • I hope Goldsmiths Student Union identifies these culprits and takes the appropriate action.

    Or, more to the point, the university itself should take action. Here are some exerts from Goldmith’s disciplinary code.

    “12.9 The following shall (subject to the above) constitute misconduct:

    12.9.1 disruption of, or improper interference with the academic, administrative, sporting, social or other activities of the College, whether on College premises or elsewhere;

    12.9.2 obstruction of, or improper interference with, the functions, duties or activities of any member of the College, authorised representative of it, or authorised visitor;

    12.9.3 violent, indecent, disorderly, threatening or offensive behaviour or language whilst on College premises or engaged in any College activity; “

  • How did anyone this ignorant even get into a university.

  • That university has some pretty terrible security. Why was that put up with for that long? I can recall hosting an event at my university and having someone disrupt it. We called security, they removed him and we went on with the event.

    If they wanted to make a statement by interrupting her, so be it, but you don’t let them stay in the room when you know it’s going to continue to happen. They lost their privilege to be at that event when they continually interrupted her.

    Also, I hope the members of that “feminist” organization that supported these guys are utterly and completely embarrassed after seeing this video and they reconsider their positions and beliefs.

  • I watched the entire two-hour video. The disruptive students obviously proved Maryam Namazie’s central point over and over again, and her ability to calmly point this out was as it happened was brilliant. But many of the non-disruptive students who disagreed with her managed to more-subtly demonstrate her points — for example, the one young woman who insisted that the Libyan speaker had insulted her, or the other young woman who said no states represent “true” Islam. (I wanted to scream, “Really??? No True Scotsman???”)

    Once the disruptions were over, the discussion was fairly constructive. Maryam really seemed to heat up by the end and was spectacular. The Libyan woman and the black man in the red shirt who spoke at length both gave some much-needed context to the discussion where the students in opposition consisted of privileged safe-spacers.

  • How did we get to a point where Britain, which is NOT Muslim country, allows Muslims to invade their country and disrupt their university classes like this? Seriously, this is like if I invite a guest off the street to come stay at my house, but then the guest moves his whole family into my house, and has a bunch of kids, they start outnumbering me and my family, and they start pushing my own kids around and taking my kids’ food – And I’m supposed to be OK with this….ABSURD. Make no mistake, Britain, Canada, USA, France – these are NOT Muslim countries. There are other parts of the world which are Muslim countries, and those places for the most part are garbage. It is insane the degree to which White Christian nations have allowed their great, modern, and free countries to be invaded by foreigners who will begin to outnumber them in a generation or two.

  • Wow, when Islamists adopt the tactics and philosophies of campus crybullies, what a marriage made in hell for freedom of speech.
    It’s clear that the ISOC crowd don’t actually believe in any of the far-left buzzwords they are bandying about like “safe space” – it’s a joke to them as can be clearly seen by the infantile snickers of the clowns in the front row.

  • This isn’t merely a manifestation of immaturity. In this episode of al-Jazeera’s Head-to-Head, where Mehdi Hasan interviewed Tariq Ramadan, a Muslim Brotherhood panelist interrupted the female panelist with a similar degree of disrespect.

    The message is clear: Islamist men believe they have a divinely decreed right to silence women.
    This deeply entrenched belief is supported through gender segregation, through forcing women to pray behind men, through forcing women to wear a piece of cloth of their heads that serves as a symbol of their submission.

  • Sorry. Here’s the al-Jazeera episode:

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  • Followed ur link to the Goldsmiths SU page and noticed Bahar Mustafa still listed in office despite incitement to murder arrest. Was she not charged n convicted? Do laws protecting society mean anything? Being lax about such basic societal values is not going to end well.

  • If your phone even went off during the classes I attended you were told to leave. What’s the deal with this uni? They should have been tossed out immediately.

  • Yeah, the organizers let this happen to their speaker.

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  • It’s a shame and very dangerous. As a woman I can’t believe that a group of feminists can support this ISOC group. It’s really a shame and incongruent in so many levels. And yes, ISOC and Femenist Society are a complete disgrace. Stop saying that believes can’t be criticize, stop saying that a man can shout out a man just because he’s a man, stop saying that a free country has to stand this kind of bs behaviour, stop saying that you have a safe place for ideas, stop saying this in a country that has no religion and has opened arms to people or communities that have them. I hope that these oportunities of debates or presentations never stop. We need all of this, ALL OF THEM need them. The whole world needs it. WE AS WOMEN need it. MEN need it. Don´t stop. In my country (Colombia) the islamism is not strong enough but jesus’s believers. We have problems with our politicians that are believers and many times their judments going with their believes but not facts.

  • Are colleges a home for fascism now?

  • Why a 21st Century University is discussing god in anything other than a historical context should be the real concern. The human race really needs to grow up.

  • As a homosexual, atheist, liberal and free thinker I’m shocked at how this was allowed to happen. I’m equally bewildered as to why the LGBT and Feminist societies at Goldsmiths sided with the Islamists. I wonder if there is some intimidation going on behind the scenes….That many people cannot possibly be so stupid can they?

  • I have previously observed narrow-minded, bullying behaviour both by a ‘Muslim’ (I use the quotation marks advisedly, bullying not being the will of Allah) lecturer and a sceptics group at Goldsmiths. It’s tempting to blame Goldsmiths, South London, Islam and suburbia to some extent, and many ‘sceptics’ are not truly truth seekers in the true meaning of the word, but dullard scoffers entrenched in secular careers/studies (the level of entrenchment appearing masonic in its degree).

    • Just so I’ve understood: You come to an article documenting a group of male Islamists attempting to bully and enforce Islamic blasphemy laws on UK Campuses, and what you want to do is trot out the ‘no true Scotsman’ defence of them, and take a swing at sceptics? Interesting approach.

    • “bullying not being the will of Allah”


  • Thanks to dark Stephen Knight, above, for perfectly exemplifying the polemical, political scoffers’ scorn that so alienates the innocent and meek from any value that his defensive brotherhood might pretend to represent. No, Stephen, not all Scotsmen are true, and no swings taken.

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