CJ Werleman Jokes About His Indonesian ‘Servants’, Tries To Smear Dawkins For Colonialism


The smear factory that is the regressive left are almost painfully easy to expose for hypocrisy. There is something about their willingness to spout lies at such a rapid pace that invariably indicates some related skeletons in their own closet.

This brings me to CJ Werleman rather predictably. This time, he’s been trying to smear Richard Dawkins as some sort of racist Colonialist by highlighting this from Dawkins’s latest autobiography:



Richard Dawkins was 7 years old when living in Kenya. As noted over on Futile Democracy:

To the average reader, Richard Dawkins is actually remembering how happy he was as a child. I was pretty happy as a child too, despite the war in the Falklands. To CJ Werleman, 7 year old Dawkins was actually a young white supremacist, expressing his delight at colonialism.

And of course, the isolated quote highlighted by CJ Werleman clearly reveals his intent when placed in its fuller context:


Well, CJ Werleman spent some time in Bali, Indonesia as an adult. These are the comments of a man in his mid-thirties:





CJ Werleman becomes gloriously undone by his own words and behaviour yet again. I look forward to witnessing his attempt to blame this on ‘new atheism’.

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  • It’s also worth noting the words conveniently excised from that Dawkins quote!

  • Thanks for your continued diligence in exposing this pathetic, unoriginal hack. Deep down, I suspect he is disappointed in himself about not having anything worthwhile to offer, and thus spends an inordinate amount of time making nasty little snipes against those who do.

  • “Beyond belief”, “you couldn’t make this up”, “takes gun, shoots foot”- all the clichés apply but seem inadequate for this living disaster. Where will it all end and what will we do for entertainment when it does?

    • “…and what will we do for entertainment when it does?”

      Well, there’s always Michael Egnor, currently beating himself about the head in the “Merry Kitzmas” thread over on Jeffrey Shallit’s “Recursivity” blog. For sheer gormless lack of self-awareness, it’s a bit of a toss-up between the two.

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