Rapper Claims The Earth Is Flat


I’ve always assumed ‘Flat-Earthers’ were the product of biblical literalism (or a lobotomy). To my surprise, the claim that we are not in fact inhabiting an oblate spheroid, but something altogether more pancaksical is more pervasive than I had first thought. Along with ‘chemtrails’ and lizard people, this particular brand of unreason also falls firmly within conspiracy theory. Spend a few moments staring into this abyss if you dare.

Imagine my surprise when stumbling upon this story via Sky News today. Bobby Ray Simmons Jr, aka ‘B.o.B’ sent the following series of tweets to his 2.3 million followers:


Luckily we have Neil deGrasse Tyson on hand to assume the role of ‘adult’.


Wake up sheeple.

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  • Can someone explain to me exactly what do people like him think the government are trying to hide by pretending to us the earth is not flat, exactly what do they have to gain by saying its a different shape? I just do not get it.

    • Someone should tell him he has money and could easily prove the earth shape by sending up a balloon with a camera, He would probably then claim the camera was hacked and a video was put on it though lol
      read some of his tweets and it seems he believes every conspiracy going.

      • That’s the way many of these conspiracy types seem to think. They start from the premise of the conspiracy being complete truth, then any evidence suggesting otherwise must be some how included with the conspiracy as an example of just how cunning people will be in a bid to disprove what is such obvious true conspiracy. If you rely on any authority like NASA, you’re instantly discredited as far as they’re concerned because in those circles it’s so commonly believed how corrupt NASA are that just mention enough is to garner dismissal any subsequent counter evidence evidence.

        It’s the same with the 9/11 Truthers. The narrative just changes to fit newly learned facts and mold in any new information until the conspiracy just becomes edited and tends to grow.

        They were people on Youtube within hours of the Paris attacks on Hebdo – convinced they had the full evidence of a false flag operation.

  • I’m not sure you know what you’re getting yourself into when it comes to these flat-earth types, Stephen. They can be absolutely relentless online until they’ve finally awoken you from your spherical slumber.

  • With all due respect, Stephen, we all know there are millions of religious nutters out there. The best thing to do is just ignore them. I would much rather you pick on intelligent believers even if they may be hard to find and challenge them with all the debating skill that you undoubtedly possess. That would be far more interesting if less amusing.

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