Sam Harris Predicted Donald Trump



Ahead of Sam Harris’s scheduled talk in Australia, the organisers of the event , ‘Think INC.’, shared the above meme on social media. Sam Harris is quoted from his 2006 essay titled ‘The End Of Liberalism’:

‘Increasingly, Americans will come to believe that the only people hard-headed enough to fight the religious lunatics of the Muslim world are the religious lunatics of the West’

Rather than heed the warnings contained within, critics of Harris opted for distortion instead – namely by spreading the lie that Harris was actually issuing a call to embrace fascism rather than decrying the empowerment of it. As Harris clarifies here:

‘The whole purpose of that essay (written in 2006) was to express my concern that the political correctness of the Left has made it taboo to even notice the menace of political Islam, leaving only right-wing fanatics to do the job. Such fanatics are, as I thought I made clear, the wrong people to do this, being nearly as bad as jihadists themselves. I was not praising fascists: I was arguing that liberal confusion and cowardice was empowering them.’

Fast forward nearly a decade and we appear to be catching a glimpse of what liberal complacency looks like in the rise of one Donald Trump. A man who sees the collective punishment of Muslims as a solution to Jihad, amongst other abhorrent views. This man isn’t just some TV rent-a-mouth, but a Presidential Candidate. If alarm bells weren’t ringing for liberals in 2006, they should be now, because the house is on fire.

This is a perfect example of how toxic the ‘nothing to do with Islam’ brigade has been on our political landscape. Whilst this collective can only insist that we needn’t be concerned about Islam, the far-right are able to mine a ceaseless supply of Islamic terror to bolster their narrative. The really bad news is that this supply won’t be decreasing any time soon either.

What is on the decline however is the number of people willing to subscribe to the head in the sand approach from the left – namely individuals who are able to see, read or listen to what’s actually going on in the world.

Without a sensible, mainstream counter-narrative, who are the uninformed, frustrated and fearful going to look to when those elected are clearly lying (at least to themselves) about the problem? It’s no surprise that some people may opt for Trump’s wrong ‘solutions’ over no clear solutions at all. Trump is at least ‘in the right ball park’ as they say Stateside, insofar as the problem is related to Islam. It’s just that he’s swinging like a lunatic and isn’t fit to play the sport.

It’s hard to estimate just how many of Donald Trump’s supporters can be explained by this phenomenon, but the answer surely has to be ‘more than enough’. It’s unlikely that Donald Trump will ever make it as far as The White House, happily. But it makes you wonder just how many warning shots liberals are willing to ignore before they decide to reclaim the stage on this issue. The consequences of my fellow liberals not being up to the task is a future reality too grave to contemplate.

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  • Unfortunately I think you may be wrong about Trump going all the way to the White House. I have American colleagues who are scared witless that their compatriots may do just that. We may have to do what Wonko the Sane did and build an asylum for the world.

  • You hit the nail on the head Stephen. Well written article. Wish more of my fellow Americans would think this way. By the way, love all that you do for skepticism and free thinkers everywhere. Keep up the good work!

  • Sam Harris’ statement is based on the premise that the following sequence holds:

    A) there is a problem with Islam
    B) the left do not discuss it because it’s taboo
    C) the right is the only one left to voice it

    but for the left (A) does not hold, therefore the whole sequence is moot and you cannot blame them for (C) unless you can convince them about (A)

    until you can convince them about (A), to them believing (C) is equal to believing as factual things that to them are fabrications of the right, which puts you on their side

  • How can you talk about the “ceaseless supply of Islamic terror”, without talking about the ceaseless western imperialism, thievery, bullying, and terrorism on Muslim countries? From the Sykes-picot land grab after WWI to the Iraq and Gaza slaughters, western atrocities against Muslims, make their feeble attempts to strike back look like pin pricks. It is only by valuing western lives far more than Muslum lives, that you can make this ridiculous argument.

    • What has any of that got to do with my claim that the far-right capitalise on the frequency of Islamic terror to propagate their hate? Maybe take a deep breath and read it again. There’s not a single thing in my article that calls for you to discount any Western wrongdoing.

    • How can you talk about western imperialism without talking about the Islamic imperialism that constantly assailed Europe for 500 years prior?
      This should be a fun regress of blame back to the dawn of time.

  • Wondering how many take Trump’s “faith” seriously. I’m guessing he’s seen more as a beneficial Cyrus.

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