Ep#76 – Imtiaz Shams – Faith To Faithless

Joining me on this week’s #GSPodcast is Imtiaz Shams (@imtishams). He’ll be telling me about the important work he is doing with Faith To Faithless. We also delve into free speech, imperialism, becoming an ex-Muslim and empowering minority voices. We’ll also hear about the VICE and BBC documentaries he’s been involved with.

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  • Would you consider an interview with Shulem Deen? He’s an ex-Hasid and wrote a book called, “All Who Go Do Not Return”.

  • I find no words to describe the courage of these ex-Muslims, in light of the risks they face simply for ascribing to a different set of religious, or in the case of the recent VICE clip that Imtiaz Shams was part of, lack of beliefs (in the case of the refugee he was helping).

    And the kind of toxic rancidity ones mind must be indoctrinated into in order to attempt hunting down ones own sister across borders in order to kill her based on her ideas I find mind boggling (or as was feared to be the case in the VICE clip), but unfortunately this is the reality many of these poor yet amazingly brave people face across the world on a daily basis.

    It really puts it into perspective how upon announcing my atheism my fathers reaction was “yeah, I’m sure religion is mostly bollocks anyway. You’re probably onto something. Now shut up because you’re drowning out the football commentary”.

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  • This podcast was particularly enjoyable because of the camaraderie between host and guest, the laughter, the easy banter, the mutual understanding. And it gave me an idea: how wonderful it would be if Imtiaz could be an occasional or even regular co-host on ‘taking the myth’. (Most importantly you would still meet your quota of f-words.)

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