‘Rescuing Ex-Muslims: Leaving Islam’ Documentary


At the start of the week, I released my interview with co-founder of Faith To Faithless, Imtiaz Shams. We spoke about a wide variety of topics including an upcoming VICE News documentary he contributed to called ‘Rescuing ex-Muslims: Leaving Islam’. It has now been released and you can watch it in full below.

I’m always keen to hear ex-Muslim voices given the unique obstacles they often face when attempting to leave their faith, or convert to another. This mini-film is heart-breaking and terrifying in equal measure.

Keep in mind when you see the violence and intimidation visited on some of these ‘apostates’: this isn’t just happening in problematic regions of the middle east, but in parts of England too.

Imtiaz’s network is doing a fine job providing support for these people and giving them a voice. Please support them and spread the word however you can.



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