Some Muslim Women Are Kept Out OF British Politics By Their Community


BBC Newsnight has released a report highlighting the marginalisation and intimidation faced by British Muslim women at the community level when it comes to politics – specifically within the Labour party. You can watch the short video below:

Labour MP Lyn Brown retweeted the above Islamified version of the Labour banner earlier last week. How does that help to reassure voters that labour is committed to secularism and opposes the injustices of Sharia?

Religion and politics are a toxic combination. The push for secularism has never been more important.

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  • As an person of south Asian heritage (exMuslim), I am sad to see that this brand of politics have been imported to this country. Labour has ghetto-ised the Muslim community and given power to disgusting, backwards, primitive old mullahs (sorry “community leaders”) in exchange for votes. This type of politics common-place in other (predominantly third world) countries, but its awful watching this from a supposed “liberal working class” family, though I’m not surprised. This has been going on for years, so I’m surprised to see the BBC (of all people) decide to report on this now. I’ve always seen Corbyn as a principled guy (despite my many disagreements with him) so I hope he will investigate this further, but again I wouldn’t be surprised if he decided to be morally bankrupt on this issue (despite shouting the hypocritical “we are for the minorities” BS). Someone should point this out to him on parliament, however a lot of other politicians are useless as well.

    “Religion and politics are a toxic combination. The push for secularism has never been more important.” – Truer words have never been spoken.

  • I am a Ugandan Asian so know a little about Indian politics, its clear Labour is aping the indian Congress party, a path is being dug from sex segregation in meeting rooms to eventual partition of a portion of UK has began. Shame on Labour for not standing up for secularism values for all but instead happy to bend over for the Mullas. Will never vote labour again.

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