Ep#85 – The Atheos App

Sarah Paquette (for_sarahious) and Christine Vigeant (@CVeeg) will be joining me on The #GSPodcast this week. They will be telling all about the exciting new ‘Atheos’ app. We talk about scientific literacy, evolution, examining your own beliefs, logical fallacies and street epistemology. Find out more at www.atheos-app.com.

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One comment

  • When I listened to this podcast (in the car, driving home from holidays), I was actually quite excited about getting the app and seeing what it was all about. The only thing I can say is, Oi, what a huge disappointment. If I were to give it the appropriate title, I would have called it “The Tone Police’s politically correct response to unfounded religious assertions” – but I think that would be a little too long. A multiple choice guessing game, trying to decide which politically correct, least offensive tone to take with someone who makes an unfounded, ridiculous, idiotic assertion like “I know God exists because quantum mechanics proves it”. Apparently there are “right” and “wrong” answers to statements like that. This app will be about as useful in helping you to get people to question their own religious views as the biologos foundation is in getting fundamentalist idiots to accept evolution. Which is to say, not at all.
    If they wanted to make a very useful app, it would have been 100000000x more helpful to have people determine (via multiple choice if you like) which logical fallacies are being used to prop up statements (like “God exists because quantum mechanics proves it”), or how to determine how flawed that line of thinking is.
    I’m sorry, but this app is just ridiculous and a waste of time. You won’t learn anything from it.

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