Hundreds Gather In Manchester To Show Solidarity For Orlando


In a show of solidarity with the people of Orlando and with LGBT people everywhere, hundreds gathered at Canal Street, Manchester today. Similar gatherings also took place in a number of cities across the UK to mourn the dead and to support the living.

Canal Street in my home city of Manchester is a sort of hub for the local LGBT community and more popularly known as ‘the gay village’ – housing a number of gay bars and restaurants.

There’s an established history (tradition?) of vandalising the ‘Canal Street’ sign in the area by removing the ‘C’.

Got it? There you go.

I went along to show my support and join in the hand holding. Hundreds of people gathered to hold hands and form a human chain around the area, culminating in applause:

It’s a symbolic gesture I know, but I do think these things can be meaningful. It’s a way of showing fascistic theocrats that LGBT people will not be bullied into hiding who they are from the world.

It’s also a way for non-LGBT people like myself to show my fellow humans that I stand with them against those who wish to do them harm. So many people turned up that the chain had to expand to adjacent streets.



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  • Serious question Steven. Do you think they were there to protest against ‘Fascistic Theocrats’ i.e. Islamic Extremists or were they there simply in solidarity/sympathy with the victims? Do you think they are clear what the motive was for this atrocity? How scared would you say the LGBT community in Manchester is at present?

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