Taking The Myth – 26 June 2016 Edition

This week on Taking The Myth, Stephen Knight and Iram Ramzan discuss the big topics with guest callers. A guest caller reviews Louis Theroux’s ‘My Scientology Movie’ documentary for us. We also talk about the Orlando shooting, polygamy, Yasir Qadhi, Adnan Rashid, Islamic purity tests, Ex-Muslim cake controversy, Turkey and more! 

This episode was recorded before the EU referendum.

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  • Adnan Rashid was saying on Facebook about how the media demonises Muslims and all the “Islamophobia” that goes with it. I asked him if reporting on the cleric, who in Orlando, a few months prior to the killings, was calling for the killing of homosexuals, was “Islamophobic” or the proper thing to do. As well as the point of is the cleric the one who is doing the “demonising”, and is it he that was “Islamophobic” here, and shouldn’t he (Adnan and his ilk) be complaining about characters such as him? No answer from him, but someone else replied, telling me to keep my Western nose out of it. I honestly don’t know how that replier thought he came across, given the subject. Breaking news: I just checked, and it seems I can’t make comments on his page anymore. Add another to the list.

    I’ve always been tempted to go into a Scientology centre and take their “test” or whatever it is, because I’m sure I’m immune to their bollocks, and I’d like to see how they try to “convert”, but not had the guts yet.

    On the point of getting someone who may disagree with your outlook to bake you a cake, I might be more worried if they went ahead and did it. I’d wonder what *might* have been added to the mixture.

  • I’m not sure if the Scientology enrolment process is still the same, but I was reeled into their quarters in Amsterdam about 15-20 years ago by a smooth talking street salesman.

    The initial indoctrination process began with a long multiple choice questionnaire based on how you assert yourself in life, morals, etc.

    I returned for my results a few days later, which suggested that I needed to subscribe to their program to better myself and succeed.

    And now it’s a religion. Who’dathunkit?

    As for Erodogen, that should go viral.

  • Yes, Erodogan was priceless, I found myself chuckling aloud while on my walk. I’m really liking this podcast and Iram is a great co-host. Also like the Scotsman abroad. You can’t beat a true Scotsman and that’s no fallacy.

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