The Orlando Shooter’s Sexuality And Islamic Purity Hypocrisy


Each time a Muslim fanatic clocks up a body count, which is to say all too often, Muslims and non-Muslims alike flock to expunge the perpetrator of their Islamic credentials.

He liked the booze? Not a Muslim. He didn’t visit the Mosque regularly? Not a Muslim.

As information begins to surface indicating that Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen may have been gay, the champions of Islamic purity come out of the woodwork.

Muslim Scholar Yasir Qadhi also appears to focus on alcohol and homosexuality as his springboard for apostatising Omar Mateen. You do wonder why he doesn’t just point to the mass slaughter of innocents as his strongest get out of Islam card. A tougher sell perhaps.

Unforgivably throwing LGBT Muslims under the bus aside, what these reckless apologists don’t seem to understand is that by trying to distance their religion from extremism in this manner they directly feed into the Islamist narrative.

Islamists would agree that you must accept every scriptural dogma and literal injunction wholesale – lest you be denigrated as not sufficiently Muslim.

Asra Nomani, a truly progressive Muslim refers to those pushing this purity test as ‘the honor brigade’.

There are two pervasive narratives being spun in the service of Islam at the moment. The first is that there is no reason to be concerned with Islam, Muslims and their attitudes towards homosexuality (despite the data).

The second is that the killer, Omar Mateen couldn’t possibly have been a Muslim because he was gay.

I’ll leave the apologists to work out amongst themselves which of these two contradictory statements is true.

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  • I think this misses the point slightly. The second narrative is presumably, not that he couldn’t have been a Muslim because he was gay, but that he probably wasn’t an Islamist.

    Still, it’s clearly more likely he WAS an Islamist – given regular self loathing, confusion, frustration tends not to end in massacres.

  • As far as I can see the idea that Omar Mateen was gay is based on 2 sources.

    The first was when his ex-wife was asked whether he was gay and she replied, “I don’t know”. The second is the fact that he attended Pulse nightclub several times. He may have been casing the place: he may not. I would view neither story as confirming Mateen’s sexuality.

    That is hardly solid evidence that Mateen was gay. And even if he was, so what? The one thing we do know is that he claimed inspiration by ISIS because he kept telling the coppers that he was.

  • Could always be CIA propaganda – Let ISIS claim him as one of their own and then out him as gay – it would drive them nuts!

    • It has crossed my mind too that he may have been manipulated by some outside agency into committing this crime.
      We still don’t know why Sirhan Sirhan killed Bobby Kennedy, do we?
      If 9/11 could be orchestrated internally with zionist involvement, why not this episode?

  • Stephen Knight asks if I am making a joke when I ask if 9/11 was orchestrated internally with zionist involvement?
    My answer is “No, I am not making a joke.”
    The commission report into 9/11 has 28 redacted pages.
    So far, we are led to believe that they referred to influential Saudi individuals being involved in funding the 9/11 attackers.
    However, it is an open question as to who and what were behind the high-fiving Mossad agents caught filming the event.
    This suggests that the zionists knew the attack was planned and were on hand to witness the event, does it not?
    So, they must have had knowledge and information on the attack beforehand – an attack that killed almost 3,000 people.
    Wolfowitz made a speech to West Point graduates months before on the need for a Pearl Harbour event, did he not ?
    The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour also killed nearly 3,000 people.
    Murder in America is never a joking matter – it happens far too frequently for that.

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  • Muslims never blame themselves or islam for their atrocities. Muslims are taught never to criticise themselves and see the mistakes in their actions. That’s because they are taught that everyhting that’s wrong comes from outside-, never form theselves, their thoughts and actions. They lack self-criticism, self-introspection.

    When something bad happens they never asks what did I do wrong?; instead, they ask “what’s wrong with you”. They lack a sense of responsability, self-criticism, remorse.

    They are brainwashed not only into a deplorable relgion, but also into a whole culture that never takes responsability with complete lack of self-introspection. This explains why they are violent in nature. Until the day you can face them with their mistakes and wrongdoings their violence will have no end.

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