Trailer Released For Louis Theroux’s Scientology Documentary


I adore Louis Theroux documentaries. If you’re yet to acquaint yourself with his work I can’t recommend it enough. His two stints with the Westboro Baptist Church may be of particular interest to you. You can find them on Netflix in the UK.

I find it frustrating when documentary film makers aren’t necessarily interested in discovering what makes their subjects tick, but rather committed to showcasing and convincing of their own biases instead.

Louis stands apart for his resistance to this uncompelling approach. His charming, calm demeanour combined with a polished Socratic method causes people to open up and reveal who they really are.

Louis’s next film, titled ‘My Scientology Movie’ will attempt to pull the curtain back on one of the most notorious, yet secretive religious organisations on the planet, the Church Of Scientology.

I was recently joined by someone on the GSPodcast who had seen an early preview screening of ‘My Scientology Movie’ and was able to provide us with a full review:

The premise is this: Louis attempted to reach out to members of the church for his film, but had no takers, unsurprisingly. In what appeared to be an effort to lure them out, he decided he would begin reconstructing and filming key parts of the Church’s history using actors, including a portrayal of the church’s leader, David Miscavige. These dramatized recreations were put together with the help of a church apostate, Mark ‘marty’ Rathbun.

The below trailer appears to indicate a reaction was achieved to say the least:

There doesn’t appear to be a general release date yet, but I’ll have my tickets booked the moment there is. Now, if I can only convince Louis to come on the podcast…

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