Ep#90 – Chris Matheson Returns!

Bill and Ted screenwriter Chris Matheson returns to The #GSPodcast to talk about the expanded version of his hilarious book ‘The Story Of God‘. We also talk about whether Satan is just misunderstood, the religious obsession with sex, God and disdain for women, online outrage culture, causing offence in comedy, campus speech codes, Ricky Gervais, Mormonism, Donald Trump, the 2016 presidential election, Hilary Clinton and we get an exclusive update on Bill & Ted 3.

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One comment

  • Excellent podcast. I find myself agreeing with almost everything Stephen and Iram are saying. Re the Sept. 2016 Taking the Myth podcast. The concern that the regressive Left in Universities around the Western World is going to influence public policy as they graduate and get jobs is a tad overblown, IMHO. The Campus Activists are almost to a person studying useless subjects like Women’s Studies, and Sociology, which prepares them for a lifetime of blogging from their mothers’ basement while their poor parents delay retirement in order to pay off their crushing student loans. The real leaders of tomorrow will be coming from graduates in Commerce, Science, Engineering, Medicine, Law, and Business Administration.

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