Taking The Myth – September 2016 Edition

This week on Taking The Myth, Stephen Knight (@Gspellchecker) and Iram Ramzan (@Iram_Ramzan) discuss the big topics. We talk about The Secularism 2016 conference, violence at a Sikh wedding, Tommy Robinson’s anti-ISIS flag, criminalising speech, Andy Burnham and Prevent, the death of Labour, the cult of Jeremy Corbyn and more!

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  • At least around here the state church does not marry couples where both people are not members of the congregation. (And they are quite liberal for a Christian church.)

    What they have instead is a ceremony for blessing a marriage. The ceremony is exactly the same as a marriage ceremony (some words may be different), but you must already have a civil marriage before it.

    Is it common for religious organizations to marry people who are not members?

  • If I had met Douglas Murray, I would have asked if whoever buying
    his new book (whenever it’s out), who also bought “Islamophilia”
    could have a discount. Cheers Douglas!
    I’m not surprised that Murray is a nice bloke. His anger is usually
    up front when people have been killed for the purpose of religious
    injunctions, eg Charlie Hebdo, and dealing with those who tried
    to “defend” it.
    At the same time, his rant (on a Sam Harris podcast), against the
    new fluffy student “offence-taking” was brilliant, but was obviously
    heavy with humour. A new Hitchens in many respects, and I’d not
    have Hitchens down as a regular grumpy git at all.

    I’ve always found it baffling that Sikhs can carry “ceremonial”
    daggers, even though there aren’t any reported problems. It seems
    very weird to allow it based on knife laws.

    I’m never sure of anything regarding Robinson, but it appears he
    has form in football hooliganism, which is either something they
    have a lawful thing to get him for on an ongoing basis, or are
    using it to quash anything else. I suspect, but might be wrong,
    that many previous hooligans have the same sort of restrictions.
    That might be worth looking at.

    Andy Burnham is either very ignorant, looking for votes, or scared
    of being called an “Islamophobe”, I’m not sure which.
    And yes, “bypass the police” was an absolutely incredible thing to say.

    From what I see, the idolising of Corbyn is rooted (for some, many or
    a significant number – I’m not sure), in a pure hatred of the Tories.
    I see this from a few relatives who just see it as black and white.
    I’m a floating voter and always have been, so I reckon I can see
    the best and worst of all, but the desperate desire to remove the
    Tories, seems to have led people to blindly follow Corbyn and elevate
    him in a very scary religious sense, where they ignore all of his faults
    and cannot even discuss them.

    Not sure why Trump/Clinton or Ajmal Masroor’s latest gaffs and
    appearance on Sunday Morning Live weren’t included, but you
    can’t have everything.

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