Orthodox Jews Disrupt A Flight (Again)


Ultra-Orthodox Jews caused ‘absolute bedlam’ on an easyJet flight from Tel Aviv to Luton according to a report from The Daily Mail.

A number of male Orthodox Jews refused to take their seats prior to take off and during the flight – ignoring several instructions from the flight crew as well as causing numerous other disruptions. Why? Because their antiquated belief system will not permit them to take a seat next to a woman.

Of course, coming from the Daily Mail, an amount of incredulity was inevitable. However, this is not the first, or even fifth time something like this has happened.

I reported back in March 2016 about the holocaust survivor, who due to nothing more than her chromosomes was asked to move seats by cabin crew to accommodate the ideological shortcomings of a Jewish man-child.

Planes have suffered severe delays for this exact problem on many other occasions. Over on his website ‘Why Evolution Is True’, the excellent Jerry Coyne has documented many examples of this utter madness. Not to mention the queer case of the Jew in the plastic bag

This particular flight touched down to a warm welcome from Bedfordshire Police. Since easyJet don’t offer flights to 1312 BC, it would be my suggestion that we charge these men, send them back the way they came (if not British citizens) and prevent them from flying again. That is until they are prepared to acknowledge and respect the mere existence of the fairer sex.

On a selfish note, I’m desperate for a similar episode to occur from an Islamic bent so that I may use the headline ‘Sheiks On A Plane’. I’ll keep you updated.

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  • If you’re religion doesn’t allow you to behave like a civilized person on an airline and requires you to create bedlam, needless delay, and danger to your fellow passengers, maybe you should go back to traveling by camel, the way your god intended.

  • “Sheiks on a Plane” ha ha. How about “Those Misogynist Men in their Flying Machines”?

  • Where are the BBC on this? Surely they should be reporting it as “normal Jewish behaviour” being victimised.

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