Incredible Portraits Of Prominent Secular Thinkers By @EmmyJewel


I thought I’d draw your attention to some serious talent that continues to catch my eye on Twitter.

When she’s not tweeting sense on topical issues, ‘Just Juliet’ (@EmmyJewel) has been sharing some incredible portraits of prominent secular thinkers.

Not only is the technical ability on display so impressive here, but she has expertly captured the essence of her subjects too.

Here’s the late Christopher Hitchens:


Prof Lawrence Krauss:


Maajid Nawaz:


Ayaan Hirsi Ali


Richard Dawkins:


Sam Harris


And last but not least, a self-portrait of the talented artist herself:


Juliet tells me she has been encouraged and inspired to create more art by all the positive feedback she has received, so do let her know if you have enjoyed these as much as I have.

You can see more of Just Juliet’s art by visiting her Twitter and Instagram pages. I believe she is taking orders for prints, so please reach out to her on Twitter if that’s something you’d be interested in. And why wouldn’t it be?

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