Ep#116 – Head-to-Head: Male Circumcision

This week on The #GSPodcast Stephen Knight hosts a Head-to-Head discussion on the issue of male circumcision. Defending the right of parents to circumcise their children is Sociologist and author Frank Furedi (@Furedibyte). Dr Antony Lempert (@Seculant), chair of the Secular Medical Forum will be arguing for the case against the practice.

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  • Excellent discussion, you allowed both sides to put their point of view while avoiding one side talking over the top of the other. Both guests are to be commended as well. I personally resent the fact I was circumcised, particularly as I had no say in it and can’t reverse it. I don’t agree that parents should have the right to do this. We are talking about young human beings who have their own rights that should be protected, not chattels to be customised at the whim of their parents.

  • Love all of your podcasts. But wasting precious time on this Judeo-christian-Islamic hangup provides no universal enlightenment. I can dismiss this fetish in a few words. In their world view this almighty God created a body with parts- deal with it! As long as the fetish remains within unexciting confines of the butchers and no public laws are affected, this will die off as they also attain higher enlightnment. Amen.

  • The most common form of female circumcision removes the clitoral hood, a rather superfluous flap of skin. The same as male circumcision, the procedure permanently exposes the glans, causing it to become keratinized and consequently desensitized. Although they both involve the amputation of the prepuce, male circumcision removes a substantially larger portion of skin, containing a much greater number of specialized nerve receptors, and subsequently causes a much greater level of harm. The argument isn’t about the level of harm that results, or the level of pain experienced, but rather the importance of a child’s right to bodily autonomy. No person’s freedom to practice THEIR religion overrides ANOTHER individual’s right to self determination.

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