Taking The Myth – August 2018 Edition

This week on Taking The MythStephen Knight (@GSpellchecker) and Iram Ramzan of sedaa.org (@Iram_Ramzan) discuss the big topics. They cover: Tommy Robinson’s successful court appeal, opt-out organ donation for 2020, Westminster ‘Terror’ arrest, Boris Johnson’s Burka comments, Jeremy Corbyn’s wreath Olympics, Alex Jones and Infowars and much, much more! Also, the ASLAN Awards!

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  • Yeah the “skydiving” thing.
    This was BBC favourite Sahar al Faifi, who got everywhere on the media during #FrockGate.
    She was on LBC where Shelagh Fogarty almost swooned at the fact that al Faifi even had a job, let alone in the NHS. And had a hobby too! Same with BBC Sunday Morning Live, “You do skydiving!?!?”

    The next day, Fogarty had a lady on (Qanta Ahmed) who insisted quite heavily that the veil was an indication of Islamism.
    Fogarty got all confused between the two people’s views, but later insisted to a caller that she’d been “dealing with niqab calls for
    many years”. Well it didn’t sound like it to me. In fact all through that week, LBC sounded like they’s never dealt with it before.

  • Greetings! Cheers for keeping up the good work. Thought the
    Coleman Hughes interview was excellent.
    Have just downloaded the latest TAKING THE MYTH and interview
    with Seth Andrews. So, uh, no comments for this episode…but,
    but wait there’s more!!
    I’m overdue on offering helpful suggestions for clever names for
    Ms. Ramzan – so here we go.
    IRAM: Ramzanaroonie
    Ram and the art of Zan maintenance
    Ramazana ding-dong
    Ramazana Green Banana
    Iram – “tell your friends about her – she’s RAMZAN”

    OK. Fuggetabout it! I’ll be here all week…
    I think

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