• Mr All Time Viral

    Seems like they are exercising their democratic rights in demonstrating against something that does not align with their values and affects their children. If you are a parent You should have the right to have a say in your child’s education.

    At arount 8:05 in this video you say that it is “being characterised as a promotion of homosexuality” If your children were taught about polygamous marriages in school you and most readers of this blog would probably characterise it as a promotion of sharia. Many of your readers would take the same action as these parents and they would have every right to do so.

    What’s the issue? They haven’t committed a crime, if anything it’s a case of over protective parenting!

    • Yeah, the difference is polygamy is illegal and not part of British society. Being gay is the opposite. The religious convictions of parents should not be informing the curriculum. If Christians successfully protested against the teaching of evolution, would you be defending that too?

      • Mr All Time Viral

        I know its illegal, that was just an example. My point is that if an issue you disagree with vehemently is “promoted” to your children (wether legal or ilegal) you would act in your capcity as a parent to do everything in your power to protect your childern against it.

        Also if the Christians went about it in a lawful manner I would have no problem with it, ofcourse they would still need to go through the proper legal process and if you opposed it you would have avenues to show your opposition such as protesting and getting 100,000+ signed petition to get a debate in parliament.

        We live in a democratic, multi cultural society. Which ultimately means that we need to allow the various groups of people in our society to have their say, or else we are not being inclusive. We accuse many ethnic minority groups of not integrating and this is an example of what integration looks like, working within the law to get your voice heard.

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