Australian Bushfires: Wildlife Fundraiser. Please Donate


Greetings fellow members of the Animal Kingdom,

As bush fires continue to rage across Australia, the threat and cost to human life must always remain top priority. Thankfully, a developed nation like Australia is able to point its resources in this direction, with many other humanitarian causes receiving the donations they need to help those affected.

Unfortunately, during a natural disaster or humanitarian crisis, many animals are killed, displaced or injured. It has already been reported that millions of animals have been burned and had to be euthanised in the wake of this catastrophic event. As animal welfare is considered a secondary issue, it is often left to underfunded organisations and volunteers to focus on this vital area. This is where you come in.

Together, over the years, we have completed various fundraisers under the ethos of ‘Good For Good’s Sake’ culminating in a total of £29,417.37 raised for charitable causes.

This time, I’m asking that we use our solidarity and influence to help the NSW Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service (WIRES) with their continued efforts during the wildlife crisis in Australia.

I have set our goal at £500. Please give whatever you can. Please click here or the button below to donate.

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  • Thank you for your fundraising efforts for WIRES. I just donated. My heart is broken seeing the images and can’t even wrap my mind around the enormity of the devastation.

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