Ep#170 – David Silverman – Allegations & Due Process

This week on The Knight Tube Stephen Knight welcomes David Silverman. David Silverman was the president of American Atheists until 2018 when allegations of sexual misconduct/abuse were levelled at him, leading to his suspension. David maintains his innocence and they talk about these accusations and the subsequent Rebecca Vitsmun case for which David was exonerated. They also discuss due process, activism, the killing of George Floyd, American Atheists, political tribalism, wokeness and much more.

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Read David Silverman’s account: https://firebrandforgood.com/

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  • If I was rapey, I’d go for someone out of my league; like a 8 or 9 woman, not a 2 or 3.

  • As someone who admired Silverman as an atheist activist I find it sad to witness what he has now become. His comments on George Floyd are particularly callous. Anti woke or not, show some humanity David.
    Fascinating interview though Stephen.

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