Ep#181 – The ‘Incel’ Problem – Naama Kates

This week on The Knight Tube, Stephen Knight (@Gspellchecker) welcomes film maker and podcast host Naama Kates (@NaamaKates). Naama is host of ‘The Incel Project’ podcast. They discuss the growing interest in the ‘incel’ (involuntary celibate) community and what that means for women’s safety and society. They also discuss the recent shotting in Plymouth, UK that was widely reported as ‘incel terrorism’ by the news media.

0:00 Intro
8:13 Start of interview
8:47 About Naama
10:28 What is an ‘incel’?
12:07 How did Naama get involved with the ‘Incel community’?
14:18 What are the recurring themes that present themselves when interviewing ‘incels’.
15:59 How big of a threat is the Incel sub-culture?
19:07 The link with extremism
22:13 Internet culture and “shit-posting”
25:28 How is this issue being approached and discussed in the USA?
27:54 The overlap with far-right, conspiratorial movements and groups.
29:33 Are incels a new phenomenon in society, or has the internet just provided them with a spotlight?
31:36 Does the proliferation and easy access to porn play a role in this problem?
33:21 Response to accusations of being an “apologist” for Incel extremism.
36:28 What is the solution to this problem?
39:24 Is there a problem with male identity as a whole in 2021?
43:35 The shooting in Plymouth being reported as ‘incel terrorism’.
48:41 Is the focus on incel terrorism motivated by political bias?
53:24 Why are media publications and interest groups telling us the Plymouth shooting was ‘Incel terrorism’?
54:32 The removal of extremist’s digital foot print.
57:49 The media frenzy surrounding the release of ‘The Joker’ movie
1:01:42 Audience question: Mental health services and incels
1:03:18 The link between autism and Incels
1:06:31 Audience question: Expanding on the definition of ‘incel’.

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