Ep#182 – Being Trans and Opposing Gender Ideology – Debbie Hayton

This week on The Knight Tube, Stephen Knight (@Gspellchecker) welcomes physics teacher and journalist Debbie Heyton (@DebbieHayton). Debbie transitioned in her 40s and talks about why she opposes the popular narrative on transgenderism and gender ideology.

You can watch the video version on YouTube: https://youtu.be/AAlJdE377t8

0:09 Start of interview
0:17 About Debbie Hayton
2:00 Debbie’s transition
4:43 Affirmation versus treatment. Is transitioning always the solution?
7:19 Are transgender rights the new gay rights struggle?
12:51 Why has defining sex become taboo? How do we define it?
18:17 LGBT & Stonewall: Should gay and trans issues be contained under the same umbrella?
24:26 Are Stonewall damaging the conversation on trans rights?
29:04 The diversity of thought within the transgender population.
30:38 What are your political leanings?
34:22 Misgendering and the importance of pronouns
40:24 Statistics on trans suicide and murder
46:35 Are trans people being presented as dangerous by default?
54:48 Is support for Self-ID a big problem for Labour’s election chances?

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Debbie’s writing can be found at www.debbiehayton.com


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