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‘The Hitch’ – Indie Christopher Hitchens Documentary

SPECIAL FOR THE WASHINGTON POSTAre you a fan of Hitch? Of course you are.  The below documentary was brought to my attention last week, and it’s wonderful. Kristoffer Hellesmark has managed to put together a lengthy film chronicling the life of the great late polemecist.  It’s a superb blend of archive footage, Hitch voiceover from his autobiography audio book and Kristoffer’s own impressive visual style.  Highly recommended.  A thoroughly decent way to spend a Sunday in my opinion.  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.  Enjoy.

Kristoffer’s note:

I was looking for a documentary about The Hitch to watch but
I could never find one. I waited and waited. Finally I figured:
“Why don’t I just make one?”. That was the inspiration for this project.
I did not make it to gain financially as I do not own most of the
footage used.

I simply wanted to in my own small way, further the legacy of Christopher Hitchens.

Thanks for watching.


‘The Hitch’- Christopher Hitchens documentary from Kristoffer Hellesmark on Vimeo.

Ep#18 – A Conversation with an #ExMuslim

I’m proud to be joined by an #ExMuslim from New York on The #GSPodcast.  Going under the pseudonym ‘Wall In Space’, we talk pre and post-9/11 New York, the backlash and how leaving the faith has affected his family life. We also find the time to talk about the late, great, Christopher Hitchens.  Yes, I ask him about bacon too.  Happy now?

Guest: ‘Wall In Space’

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Read the comments section of ‘The Crazy Nigerian’ Blog post ‘Religion Is For Sinners’.

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Who Does Mo Ansar Think He Is?

No Ansar

Update 15/05/14: It seems time has truly been called on Mo Ansar’s ‘career’.  Numerous sources have now compiled articles exposing his deception.  Please see the appendix at the bottom of this post for a collection & the #MoCV Hashtag I created.

“Picture all experts as if they were mammals” – Christopher Hitchens

I’ve always liked these words of wisdom from Hitch, but I’ve found them particularly resonant over the last few years.  Social media has, for better or worse, afforded everyone a soap box of sorts.  A digital arena where ideas can be propagated or challenged.  It’s also equipped us common-folk with a direct line of access to so-called ‘Public Figures’.

Don’t like their opinions?  Well, now we can let them know without so much as a postage stamp.
The ‘Public figures’ I’m referring to in this instance are those frequently wheeled out onto our telly screens for topical news segments.  They confidently share their ‘valuable’ insight into “escalating tensions…” concerning some such thing or other, or press the “importance of tolerance…” etc etc. Sometimes they inform us with authority that  “Men are raised to hate women”. You know the sort.

They know what they are talking about.  Of course they do.  They’re on our telly screen after all.
This brings me to my fascination with Mo Ansar.  And it is truly a fascination.  The mystery surrounding the existence of his UK media profile brings me such joyous puzzlement I want to embrace and squeeze him.
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Ep#17 – Dan Arel – 9/11 Memorial Cross

Dan Arel, Correspondent for The American Atheists has his lunch break unceremoniously stolen by The #GSPodcast.  We talk The American Atheists Convention 2014, the controversial 9/11 memorial cross and share our mutual love for Maryam Namazie.  Dan also spills some details on his upcoming Secular Parenting book.

Guest: @DanArel  Website:

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Ep#16 – Noah Review & Religious T Returns!

It’s all about fun on this week’s #GSPodcast. The wonderful Laura and Daniel return to help me review Ray Comfort’s Noah ‘movie’ (YouTube – Full Movie). Our man on the inside, Religious T will also be dropping by to talk religion and battle me in round 2 of The Northern Game!
Guests: @LauraLeeBiology@lepage_d & @ReligiousT

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Team #GFGS Returns – Let’s Do Something Good Again!


Would anyone like to help me do something good again? Back in 2013 I launched ‘Good For Good’s Sake’. This came about after being overwhelmed by the level of compassion & activism displayed by those that engage in the online ‘atheist community’.

I strongly felt that if this shared camaraderie could be channelled in a charitable context, we could really help some people who needed it. As atheists we share only one thing for definite; absence of belief in gods. Our politics, cultural backgrounds and our world-views may differ. Some of you may think Michael Bay makes good films for instance. BUT. There’s one thing I feel we could all agree on: the only thing required to be good is the recognition that it is good for its own sake. We don’t do good for the promise of eternal life, or post-death reward. We don’t do good because it is a doctrinal imperative. We do good because we have empathy, and as conscious creatures, we have concerns for the well-being of our fellow primates across the globe.

With this in mind, Team #GFGS has raised a staggering £22,773.03 for charitable causes so far. We’ve done this by ourselves, without media or corporate backing. Without promoting an ideology, or indoctrinating as a condition of our good deeds. A small group of people, in an even smaller pocket of the World Wide Web came together to achieve something that will make a positive difference to many people. That has to be good, right?

This brings me on to our third charitable drive. Are you up for the challenge? I’ve decided to choose Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders). Many of you will be familiar with what they do already. For those that aren’t, please see the below video and their website here.

MSF is an entirely Secular charity that delivers emergency medical aid on a global scale to those who need it the most, regardless of race, religion, creed or political affiliation. As with the last fund-raiser, this one will also end on Christmas Day 2014. Be a part of something important.  You can donate online by clicking ‘Sponsor Me’ below, or text ‘GFGS50 £5 (or any amount) to 70070. Spread the word where you can. Please keep an eye on my Twitter feed for updates. If you wish to hold an event for Team #GFGS to raise some money, please let me know!

Be good,


Special thanks to @Wavish for the #GFGS logo

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