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Ep#4 – Xmas Special – A Scotsman Abroad & Sabine

A Scotsman abroad joins me on the #GSPodcast to talk about Christmas in Scotland & Spain and Sabine tells us how it’s done in Germany. We’ll also hear an exclusive Guide To The Gods by @GodChecker.

Guests@AScotsmanAbroad & @Sassy_McClever. Also available on Stitcher and iTunes.

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Ep#3 – Godchecker & Fernando – Xmas Special

Peter of infamy joins me on the #GSPodcast to talk Christmas, sprouts and God-checking. Fernando (Mexico/US) also tells us what a Mexican Christmas is like. Also available on Stitcher and iTunes.

@Godchecker & @Ismaelquinones

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Ep#1 – Religious T & Katrine – Xmas Special

Info: I talk about Christmas in England with Religious T (UK), get an update regarding his religious tourism project and have a northern off! Katrine (Denmark) also drops in to the #GSPodcast to tell us how the Danes do Christmas.  Glædelig jul!
Guests@ReligiousT & @KatrinesSkrift. Also available on Stitcher and iTunes.

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Christmas Podcast – Listen Now


Back in October I extended an invitation to fellow non-believers to be a guest on a ‘planned’ podcast which would focus (mostly!) on the Christmas experience. Thankfully, I received plenty of interest from people far and wide. Phew.

The idea was to create something which would allow people to hear what Christmas means to other non-believers with varying cultural backgrounds, traditions and opinions.

My only hope is to provide the opportunity to learn something, laugh a little and reinforce the knowledge that religion needn’t be the only reason for the season.

All Episodes will be released throughout December for free via iTunes  and Youtube.  Click below to listen now:


Although these will remain available for free, if you do enjoy them, please consider making a contributory donation below.  Your contribution will be used to supplement ongoing hosting & production costs, new equipment for further shows and possibly Scotch.  Yeah.  Definitely Scotch.

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Click To Support This Podcast

It’s been a huge pleasure and privilege to talk to so many different and interesting people. Finding the time to juggle full-time employment, unforgiving time differences and a laborious editing process has been a challenge, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  It’s with regret that I haven’t been able to reach out to everyone that took the time to contact me, but I’m incredibly grateful to have heard from you all the same.

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