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Does Sainsbury’s Agree That Most Of Their Customers Are Racist?


I recently wrote about my issues with the UK’s second largest supermarket throwing its hat into the ring of race based identity politics. Since then, courtesy of some ‘leaked’ internal notices, some further information has come to light regarding Sainsbury’s recommendations for Black History Month.

If the following materials are authentic, it would appear Sainsbury’s are recommending that their staff read the book ‘White Fragility’ by Robin DiAngelo.


This creates a larger PR headache for the supermarket than they appear to be aware of.

You see, I have actually read White Fragility. You can read my review here. The problem is, the entire book is based on one simple premise. And it’s that white people are inherently racist and exist solely as part of a white supremacist system. And if you disagree with this accusation, well, the book’s author tells us this is just proof of your ‘white fragility’.

The author summarises her warped view of the world best when she says: ‘a positive white identity is an impossible goal. White identity is inherently racist. White people do not exist outside of the system of white supremacy’.

So, my question to Sainsbury’s is: given that they are recommending the book ‘White Fragility’ to their staff, do they agree that all white people (and therefore the majority of their own customers) are racist? And if they reject this hypothesis, what was it about the book ‘White Fragility’ that they found worthy of recommendation given ‘all white people are racist’ appears to be the sole and central argument of the book?

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Sainsbury’s and Argos Promote Racial Segregation In The Name Of ‘Inclusion’


October is Black History Month, which means a flurry of corporate entities signalling their virtue in a curious attempt to convince us they don’t hate black people. The UK’s second largest chain of supermarkets does not appear to be immune from the woke virus given their recent statements.

Sainsbury’s and Argos (which is owned by Sainsbury’s) both posted statements regarding their plans for Black History Month to their websites. In the below section titled ‘What have we been doing to support our colleagues?’, you may notice some areas of concern:


‘Recently we provided our black colleagues with a safe space to gather in response to The Black Lives Matters [sic] movement’. Of course, by ‘safe space’ for ‘black colleagues’ they simply mean no white people allowed. This is literal racial segregation taking place in a British workplace in 2020. Read more

Ep#104 – David Smalley

This week on The #GSPodcast Stephen Knight (@Gspellchecker) talks to David Smalley (@DavidCSmalley) of Dogma Debate ( Topics covered include: Mythcon, Sargon of Akkad, sexual abuse, online smears, ‘Nazi hysteria’, Antifa, Trump, Humanism, ‘the atheist community’ and much, much more.

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#MythCon Disagreement And Thomas Smith’s Online Abuse


I truly believe Mythcon IV has been a huge embarrassment this year—not for its organisers and attendees mind you, but for its screeching critics. Many an authoritarian ideologue has been exposed by a mere desire to fill a room with people and have a few conversations. Attendance optional.

This small conference in Milwaukee had gone off without a hitch in previous years, but their decision to invite some popular YouTube personalities this year culminated in a sustained campaign of harassment and threats against the organisers.

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Noel Gallagher Names The Problem and Larry David Gets A Fatwa

imageEx-Oasis singer Noel Gallagher made some unusual public comments about terror and the establishment recently. Unusual only in the sense that they were true, which is a rarity when those with celebrity status talk about the disagreement we currently find ourselves in with jihadism.

Noel comes from my home city of Manchester, the same Manchester where 22 concert goers, mostly young girls, were murdered by a suicide bomber on May 22 of this year. Musicians from around the world came together to play tribute gigs and offer much appreciated solidarity and support to the city after this unthinkable crime. As to be expected though, no one involved would actually name what it was we required solidarity in the face of.

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David Cameron Tells Us Our Values Are Christian

dcameronAlastair Campbell famously said of Tony Blair’s labour government: “we don’t do god” and this sentiment seemed to summarise British politics at large, happily.  Unlike our American cousins, elected officials stating their religious convictions too loudly are likely to end up counting sniggers rather than votes.

Thatcher learned a lesson when she temporarily demoted herself to theologian, and crackpot demagogues spewing nonsense on the link between homosexuality and the weather are promptly shown the door.

Yet, David Cameron is committed to rubbing me up the wrong way on pretty much everything he has to say concerning religion.  There’s the constant pissing on our shoes and claiming it’s not Islam, to encouraging Christians to be more evangelical and divisively asserting we are a Christian country. This brings us to his Christmas message which includes some patronising spiel about the importance of ‘Christian Values1’.

From Sky News:

David Cameron has reiterated his commitment to “Christian values” in his Christmas message to the UK.

The Prime Minister said Britain should be proud of “giving, sharing and taking care of others” at home and abroad.

He also praised the work of the British military, aid workers and medical volunteers abroad. He said: “Among the joyous celebrations we will reflect on those very Christian values of giving, sharing and taking care of others”

You see – giving, sharing and taking care of others are “very Christian values”, and not simply human values.  These are all perfectly commendable values of course, worth encouraging –  but why does the Prime Minister of The UK feel it necessary to place them in such an exclusionary and divisive context? This is the moment where many would suspect it’s not religious sincerity on Cameron’s part, but rather an attempt to keep the Christian vote onside.

Perhaps that’s true, but is that wise? Data shows the majority of Brits believe religion and state should be kept separate. Recent data also reveals a huge decline in Christianity, yet an increase in Islam amongst the youthful.  Perhaps it would have been wise for Cameron to talk up ‘Islamic values’ in his Christmas address too. Perhaps not.

I look forward to the day when our leaders are unafraid to champion compassion, good will and empathy towards our fellow creatures without tribal rhetoric or so much as a nod towards a defunct superstition.  These values aren’t Christian, they’re human.  They’re no-one’s to own – but everyone’s to share.  Merry Christmas.

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