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Ep#22 – Blasphemy Godammit!

Michael Sherlock returns, this time bringing Acharya and Michael Nugent to talk about the misery created by blasphemy laws. We talk about the consequences of these laws in the countries enforcing them & the potential consequences for countries not.  Yet.  They’re spearheading a petition to have these oppressive laws abolished. Make sure you sign it here.

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Guests: Michael Sherlock, Acharya & Michael Nugent.

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Relevant Links:
Sign the petition to Abolish Blasphemy Laws
Siding With The Opressor – Maryam namazie
Atheist Ireland
Michael Sherlock’s Website
Acharya’s Website
Michael Nugent’s Website
Article: Pair Jailed for bacon mosque attack


Ep#21 – Lawrence Krauss

I’m incredibly excited and privileged to be joined by Lawrence Krauss on The #GSPodcast.  We cover a wide range of topics including The Unbelievers Movie, memories of Christopher Hitchens, Pink Shoes, getting something from nothing, William Lane Craig (boooo!) and I ask a Trekkie question.

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Guest: Dr. Lawrence Krauss (@LKrauss1)

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Relevant Links:
The Unbelievers Movie
Buy ‘A Universe From Nothing’ book on Amazon.
Watch Lawrence’s Christopher Hitchens Eulogy (YouTube)
Watch Lawrence debate William Lane Craig (YouTube)
Something From Nothing? Lawrence and Professor Dawkins discuss science (YouTube)

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Ep#20 – Gus Holwerda – The Unbelievers Movie

The Unbelievers movie has finally been released!  Joining me on The #GSPodcast is its director, and all round nice guy Gus Holwerda.  He tells me what it’s like having unrestricted access to Richard Dawkins & Lawrence Krauss and what it takes to get a movie like this made.  Go see it!

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Guest: Gus Holwerda (@GusHolwerda) Find the movie at:


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Ep#19 – Alom Shaha

Alom Shaha, Science teacher and author of ‘The Young Atheist’s Handbook’ joins me on The #GSpodcast. We talk the conflict between science & religion, what that pesky word ‘theory’ actually means, identifying as an #ExMuslim and most importantly, Alom weighs in on #BatFleck.  Warning:  Hearing Alom talk about his mother may cause uncontrollable blubbing.  You have been warned.

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Guest: Alom Shaha (Twitter: @AlomShaha)

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Relevant Links:
Buy ‘The Young Atheist’s Handbook’ From Amazon

Buy ‘The Young Atheist’s Handbook’ for Kindle
Watch ‘Demo: The Movie’ on YouTube
Article: ‘Atheist Shoes Go Missing in God-Fearing US’

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Ep#18 – A Conversation with an #ExMuslim

I’m proud to be joined by an #ExMuslim from New York on The #GSPodcast.  Going under the pseudonym ‘Wall In Space’, we talk pre and post-9/11 New York, the backlash and how leaving the faith has affected his family life. We also find the time to talk about the late, great, Christopher Hitchens.  Yes, I ask him about bacon too.  Happy now?

Guest: ‘Wall In Space’

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Relevant Links:

Buy ‘God Is Not Great’ – Christopher Hitchens
Buy ‘Mortality’ – Christopher Hitchens
Buy ‘Perfect Soldiers’ – Terry McDermott
Read the comments section of ‘The Crazy Nigerian’ Blog post ‘Religion Is For Sinners’.

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Ep#17 – Dan Arel – 9/11 Memorial Cross

Dan Arel, Correspondent for The American Atheists has his lunch break unceremoniously stolen by The #GSPodcast.  We talk The American Atheists Convention 2014, the controversial 9/11 memorial cross and share our mutual love for Maryam Namazie.  Dan also spills some details on his upcoming Secular Parenting book.

Guest: @DanArel  Website:

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