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Another UK Muslim (@RazaNadim) Struggles To Condemn Stoning


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I don’t know about you, but I’ve reached the limits of my patience where UK Muslim rent-a-mouths and obfuscating on acts of barbarism are concerned.

It’s not the first time, but this disconcerting phenomenon reared its ugly head again this week when on the BBC, a flustered Asim Qureshi of pro-islamist group CAGE was made to stutter and switch focus like an insomniac husband having their internet browser history read aloud.

What caused such discomfort might you ask? Why, it was host Andrew Neil’s invitation to condemn certain Islamist pastimes including female genital mutilation, stoning adulterers to death, enslaving non-Muslims and bigotry towards homosexuals.
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Luke Savage Doubles Down On Dishonest Hackery. @LukeWSavage

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The rate at which dishonest hacks are popping up on the topic of atheism of late may necessitate a hall of fame on my blog.

One such hack is Luke Savage who wrote this squalid little piece in Jacobin back in December 2014. It’s the usual collection of misrepresentation and smears – but fortunately the excellent Jerry Coyne took the liberty of unblocking this particular sewage pipe on his blog – entitled ‘Luke Savage’s vicious (and misleading) atheist bashing’. Read more

Michael Wilson (@GodlessAtheist) Crowdsources Nearly $12,000 for a documentary then disappears


Update 17 Feb 2015: I have now received a statement from Michael Wilson via email – you can read it here.

In 2012, when I first decided to dip my toe into the sea of anti-atheist (or athiest) sentiment on Twitter, it was a surprise to note how few people had taken on a similar hobby. Happily, that’s changed over the years – but at the time certain atheist Twitter accounts stood out for their ubiquity and high follower count.
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The Big Questions Debrief Podcast – Join Me!

bbcbqSome of you may have noticed my live tweeting of Sunday Morning’s The Big Questions on the BBC. For the uninitiated, it’s a live religious discussion show aired between 10am and 11am GMT in the UK.

The responses to my tweets around the #BBCTBQ hash tag have been greater than expected and it’s good fun to share our views and right the wrongs of some of the absurd comments that go unchallenged in real-time.

I thought I’d try an experiment and record a special 20 minute edition debrief podcast 15 mins after The Big Questions has aired. This would be an opportunity to share our thoughts – the good and the bad – and pick up on some of the things that went unchallenged. Who wants to get involved? Anyone can!

Here’s how:

  1. Watch The Big Questions, think of something you’d like to say about it.
  2. Add ‘Gspellchecker’ to your Skype contacts.
  3. Change your Skype mood to ‘#GSPodcast’ so I can see who would like to be involved.
  4. I will start recording, and at some point dial you in to give you an opportunity to speak your mind and share your thoughts, along side others.  I’ll then release you back to enjoy your Sunday.
  5. I’ll aim to have it online to download within the hour.

If this experiment is a success, I will look to expand it – even providing a telephone number so those without Skype can phone in and share their thoughts.

Any questions? Stick them in the comments and I’ll address them there.

You can listen to The Godless Spellchecker Podcast here, and support it by becoming a patron here.

‘Nothing To Do With Islam’ – Dangerous New Faith On The Rise.

Rubber-DucksPolling data is often used to claim that atheists and the non-religious are the fastest growing ‘religious’ group. However, some observations made over the last few years have led me to conclude that’s clearly not the case.

I can reveal that the fastest growing faith-based ideology is in fact the cult of ‘Nothing To Do With Islam’ and its adherents; ‘The Notslammers’. This denomination appears to be an off-shoot of The Spineless Church of Apologia.

After a brief investigation I’ve been able to identify ‘The Notslammers’ central piece of dogma – which I refer to as ‘Duck Theory’.

Duck Theory; If it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, pecks like a duck, tastes like a duck and in fact calls itself a duck – it’s actually nothing to do with ducks whatsoever, you gross, racist duckaphobe.

Most concerning of all however – this well subscribed faith appears to be responsible for the overwhelming majority of current day terror attacks.

To provide but a small selection from a much greater sample, these last few years alone we have seen; a soldier beheaded on the Streets of London, cartoonists slaughtered in France, scores of girls enslaved in Nigeria, formation of a genocidal ‘state’ and suicide bombings carried out almost daily – all in the name of ‘Nothing To Do With Islam’.

At least we can sleep easy in the knowledge that our world leaders – those charged with the vital task of combating this threat – have been vocal in singling out ‘Nothing To Do With Islam’ in relation to these abhorrent acts. I don’t know about you, but I’ll sleep easier knowing the problem has been clearly identified by those in charge.

No ducks were available for comment at the time of publishing.

You can listen to The Godless Spellchecker Podcast here, and support it by becoming a patron here.

Clarifying A News Article Mentioning Me

IndyImageI recently gave a brief interview to The Independent on the topic of my Twitter suspension and free speech.  I’m as surprised as you are.

This is the first of, the admittedly few, media requests I’ve accepted.  I’ve no desire for the attention and I’m always mindful of the intentions of those wishing to speak to me.

After a brief email back and forth with the friendly journalist at The Independent, it became apparent that they were genuinely interested in reporting on the topics at hand, rather than sensationalism – so I decided it was worthwhile to have a discussion. I’m pleasantly surprised and pleased with being accurately quoted and having the larger issues highlighted in the piece.  Seems my cynicism towards journalism was misplaced on this occasion.

This has led to a follow-up opinion piece in The Telegraph, which is perfectly fine and well, but given I’ve had accusations of ‘targeting’ before, I feel compelled to address a misconception in the article (emphasis Mine):

I also knew I didn’t want to get into quick-fire religious debate, the kind that was exemplified in yesterday’s news story about an atheist tweeter called the ‘Godless Spellchecker’, who had been temporarily suspended from the site for apparently abusing the (mainly Muslim) religious tweeters he disagreed with – a story which ended up seeming all the more poignant as the horrific, incomprehensive events in Paris unfolded.

I’m grateful that the article also reiterates that I am in fact innocent of any abuse on Twitter, but the above paragraph appears to suggest my account mostly targets (or abuses) actual Muslims. This is objectively false.  Yes, it is true that I’m especially critical of Islamism over other ideologies – and my criticism of it is considerably more frequent.

I see nothing sinister in giving special attention to the current most dangerous strain of Abrahamic Faith.  Perhaps I’ve misread and the article is actually saying it was predominantly Muslims who complained about my account.  Still, there is no way to confirm if this is actually true.

However, for the sake of clarification on my part; interactions with actual Muslims are particularly rare.  In fact, the majority of my interactions are of the Christian Zealot flavour.  I’d say the overwhelming amount of misspelled anti-atheist sentiment I respond to on Twitter comes via a Christian denomination.  Who knows what I’d discover were I to learn Arabic though.

When I interact with Christians I’m often told I ‘wouldn’t dare criticise Islam in the same way’, and when I criticise Islam, I’m informed of my potent ‘Islamophobia’.  The game is rigged, but I enjoy playing anyway.

You can listen to The Godless Spellchecker Podcast here, and support it by becoming a patron here.


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