Taking The Myth – Jan 2021 Edition

This week on Taking The Myth, Stephen Knight (@GSpellchecker) and Iram Ramzan of sedaa.org (@Iram_Ramzan) discuss the big topics. They cover: The arrest of Ex-Muslim activist Zara Kaye, The attack on the Capitol in Washington DC, Incitement accusations against Donald Trump and his Social media ban, thoughts on Joe Biden, Maajid Nawaz’s threats of legal action, Amazon upholding Hindu blasphemy dogmas, a UK Policeman charged with a crime for sharing a George Floyd meme, UK Covid Lockdown and more!

Justice For Zara Kaye Info: https://www.ex-muslim.org.uk/2021/01/update-4-facts-surrounding-justiceforzarakay/

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Ep#170 – David Silverman – Allegations & Due Process

This week on The Knight Tube Stephen Knight welcomes David Silverman. David Silverman was the president of American Atheists until 2018 when allegations of sexual misconduct/abuse were levelled at him, leading to his suspension. David maintains his innocence and they talk about these accusations and the subsequent Rebecca Vitsmun case for which David was exonerated. They also discuss due process, activism, the killing of George Floyd, American Atheists, political tribalism, wokeness and much more.

Watch the Video version on YouTube: https://youtu.be/K1n125qY4WU

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Read David Silverman’s account: https://firebrandforgood.com/

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Call To Action: #ExMuslim Activist Zara Kaye is arrested in Tanzania


Zara Kaye is an Australian Ex-Muslim activist and founder of Faithless Hijabi. Nothing threatens theocratic bullies like a courageous, outspoken woman and Zara is certainly not afraid to speak openly about Islam and the human rights abuses carried out in its name. This is why her voice is such an important one.

Zara is currently in the East African nation of Tanzania, and I was deeply concerned to see the following tweet posted on the 28th December:


The tweet reads: “Okay so going into the police station because someone reported me in for blasphemy. Good luck”.

Since seeing this message I’ve been very anxious to beat the drum about this issue and receive an update on her plight. I was privately advised to hold off on publicly discussing this issue on social media until a safe and sensible plan of action can be decided on at a more official level.

Well, it appears Maryam Namazie at the British Council of Ex-Muslims is now leading the charge and asking for urgent action. You can read about all the information we currently have by clicking here.

As outlined via ex-muslim.co.uk, official charges are as follows:

1) Social media post deemed to be critical of the president of Tanzania, John Magufuli (these light satirical posts were posted in May when Zara was in London, addressing the handling of Covid-19 in Tanzania)

2) Not returning her Tanzanian passport after gaining Australian citizenship (she never returned her Tanzanian passport as she misplaced and never used it after gaining Australian citizenship)

3) Using a SIM-card not registered in her name (this was registered in a family member’s name). Failure to register SIM-cards legislation has been used to persecute other high-profile cases.

The article also goes on to claim that:

These charges are politically motivated and believed to be initiated by those from the Khoja Shia Ithnasheri Jamaat who have threated Zara with death for leaving Islam and for her activism in support of ex-Muslims and women.

It is evident that the authorities do not have a case against Zara. The trumped-up charges must be dropped and she must be free to leave the country.

Below is the call to action


The International Coalition of Ex-Muslims reiterates its call on the Tanzanian government to unconditionally and immediately drop all the charges against Zara Kay and allow her to leave the country.  Restrictions on the right to freedom of expression and conscience are in violation of international human rights obligations.

We also call on the public to continue to take urgent action by contacting Tanzanian embassies in countries of residence and the Tanzanian government calling for all charges against Zara Kay to be dropped and that she be permitted to leave the country.

Please also contact Australian embassies in countries of residence urging them to immediately intervene on behalf of Zara and get her home safe.


President John P. Magufuli
P.O. Box 11400, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @MagufuliJP

Website: https://www.tanzaniaconsul.com/contact/
Email: [email protected]

East Africa (including Somalia, Sudan, Kenya, Seychelles, Eritrea)
Twitter: @TZhighcom
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://ke.tzembassy.go.tz

United Kingdom
Website: https://tzhc.uk/contacts
Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.fr.tzembassy.go.tz/contacts
Twitter: @TanzaniaFrance
Email: [email protected]

Website: https://de.tzembassy.go.tz/contacts
Twitter: @TZinGermany
Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

Website: https://www.nl.tzembassy.go.tz/index.php/contacts
Twitter: @Verheul_Jeroen
Email: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

Scandinavia (Nordic Countries, Baltic States & Ukraine)
Website: https://www.tanemb.se/contact-us/
Twitter: @TZTourismNORDIC
Email: [email protected]

North America
Website: https://tanzaniaembassy-us.org/
Twitter: @tzembassyus
Email: [email protected]

New Zealand
Website: https://www.mfat.govt.nz/en/countries-and-regions/africa/tanzania/consulate-for-the-united-republic-of-tanzania/
Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @tzembassyturkey
Email: [email protected]; [email protected]
Website: https://www.tr.tzembassy.go.tz/

Email: [email protected]; [email protected]
Website: http://mofa.gov.pk/dar-es-salam-tanzania/

Twitter: @TanzaniainIndia
Email: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
Website: http://in.tzembassy.go.tz

Email: [email protected]
Website: https://eg.tzembassy.go.tz/about/category/about-the-embassy

Email: [email protected]
Website: https://eg.tzembassy.go.tz/about/category/about-the-embassy

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tanzanrepkl/
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.tanzaniahighcommission.my/

Please use your social media platforms to sound the alarm about this issue and share this article from ex-Muslim.co.uk. I shall provide an update on the situation as soon as I know more.

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Ep#169 – Adventures On Drugs

This week on The Knight Tube Stephen Knight (@GSpellchecker) welcomes Buck Mulligan (@ThatBuckGuy), author of the upcoming book ‘Adventures on Drugs’. They talk about teetotalism, alcohol, LSD, edibles, mushrooms, psychedelics, ‘spiritual experiences’, the legal and ethical concerns regarding drug taking and much more.

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