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Yasir Qadhi’s Hypocrisy, Adnan Rashid Loses The Plot Over Orlando


Not long after the massacre at Orlando gay nightclub Pulse, reports surfaced to suggest that the shooter, Omar Mateen, may well have been gay himself. It was interesting to watch the ways in which this particular detail was then spun by certain groups.

Before this information came to light, you may have heard people arguing that there is no conflict between Islam and homosexuality – despite the data to the contrary.

Then lo an behold, the killer was ‘outed’ as gay himself. Many jumped with joy at this revelation. The shooter couldn’t have been a Muslim you see, because he was gay. It shouldn’t take much brain power to recognise the inconvenient contradictions and hypocrisy here.

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Taking The Myth – 26 June 2016 Edition

This week on Taking The Myth, Stephen Knight and Iram Ramzan discuss the big topics with guest callers. A guest caller reviews Louis Theroux’s ‘My Scientology Movie’ documentary for us. We also talk about the Orlando shooting, polygamy, Yasir Qadhi, Adnan Rashid, Islamic purity tests, Ex-Muslim cake controversy, Turkey and more! 

This episode was recorded before the EU referendum.

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The Orlando Shooter’s Sexuality And Islamic Purity Hypocrisy


Each time a Muslim fanatic clocks up a body count, which is to say all too often, Muslims and non-Muslims alike flock to expunge the perpetrator of their Islamic credentials.

He liked the booze? Not a Muslim. He didn’t visit the Mosque regularly? Not a Muslim.

As information begins to surface indicating that Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen may have been gay, the champions of Islamic purity come out of the woodwork.

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