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Roald Dahl Failed On free Speech And Threw Salman Rushdie To The Mob


September 13th marks the birthday of the late and great children’s author Roald Dahl. In celebration of his prolific storytelling, the day has also been dubbed ‘Roald Dahl Day’.

Dahl’s exceptional storytelling was a huge part of my childhood. I adored his hilarious tales which were perfectly complemented by the illustrations of Quentin Blake. That’s what makes my loss of respect for him as an adult all that more regrettable. If you want to keep your rosy, Dahl infused childhood in tact, you may wish to go away now.

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Sean Kent Opts For Narrative Over Integrity


This doesn’t apply to everyone I encounter on this topic of course, but whenever I notice someone is really putting their back into anti-Israel rhetoric or has ‘BDS’ in their Twitter bio, I find it useful to subject them to a quick purity test.

Searching some key words against their output can often reveal everything you need to know about their motivations. Useful terms include: ‘9/11’, ‘false flag’, ‘holocaust’, ‘protocols’ and ‘inside job’ – for reasons which should be obvious, but in case they are not I’ll explain.

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Ep#81 – Iram Ramzan – Sedaa.org

Iram Ramzan (@Iram_Ramzan) will be joining me on The #GSPodcast this week. After seeing a lack of progressive voices in the media, particularly those of Muslim heritage, Iram decided to set up Sedaa (@Sedaa_ourvoices). We’ll be talking about cultural relativism, radicalisation, Labour party anti-Semitism, racism, ‘What Muslims Really Think, reform and more!

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