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QED Con, Trigger Warnings, Dillahunting and an Ockham Award


recordingI had the pleasure of attending my first ever QEDcon this weekend in Manchester. The convention is a wonderful mix of interesting and often hilarious talks and panels on topics related to science & scepticism. As well as the fantastic speakers, there’s also an infectious, friendly vibe that permeates through the whole occasion thanks to the passion and good nature of the attendees. I thoroughly recommend taking a look at the guest speakers and seeking out their work, as well as coming along in 2016 if you can. Read more

Ep#56 – Matt Dillahunty & Aron Ra

I was lucky enough to sit down with the brilliant Matt Dillahunty (@Matt_Dillahunty) and Aron Ra (@Aron_Ra) at this year’s QED Con in Manchester. We discuss the meaning and use of words such as Atheist/Agnostic. We touch on Humanism, William Lane Craig, Ray Comfort, President Obama and Chapel Hill. We’ll also hear an explanation and deconstruction of the ‘Kalam Cosmological Argument’, plus much more!

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