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A Lesson In ‘Journalism’ With Ansar and Werleman


You can learn a lot about a person’s agenda and objectivity by how willing they are to share unfavourable claims about their ideological opponents without scrutinising them first.

It’s been a fun day today on that platform of common sense, Twitter.

First we had CJ Werleman share this video with the below claim in service of his on-going mission to demonise all that is Israel.


What he fails to tell you however, is that not only is the footage from 2008, but the Palestinian detainee was shot with a rubber bullet, in the foot. Hardly desirable behaviour I’ll grant you – but it paints a slightly different picture than the one presented by Werleman. As a side note, the soldier responsible was arrested and convicted for his actions – by Israeli authorities.

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Students Threaten To Leave NUS Over Malia Bouattia Appointment


In a decision marred with controversy, Malia Bouattia has been elected president of the National Union Of Students in the U.K.

I first learned the name Malia Bouattia when she prevented a motion to condemn global terrorist organisation ISIS on the grounds of ‘Islamophobia’. As reported by Douglas Murray in The Spectator:

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Raza Nadim: ‘Israel Is 100% Worse Than Isis’.


Raza Nadim is a spokesperson for The Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPAC), which is essentially a soft Islamist group based in the UK. You may remember Raza’s fellow MPAC cohort Asghar Bukhari and the case of the missing shoe. Those sneaky Jews. You may also remember Raza’s inability to condemn stoning people to death. Here is his latest pearl of wisdom:


You don’t have to deny all the ills of the Israeli government to recognise that Nadim is offering his opinion from another planet (and orifice) here. And 100%? What does that even mean? Is that less or equal to 9/11 times 100?

“Why waste your time with these clueless Islamists?” I hear you ask. Well, because Raza is afforded prominent media platforms, including appearances on the BBC. This is a man wheeled out to represent ‘the Muslim voice’. This raises some uncomfortable questions. Are TV executives shunning progressive Muslim voices in favour of reactionaries in the service of controversy (and ratings)? Or are they simply presented with a lack of progressive Muslim voices to choose from? Or worse of all: could this kind of thing actually be the mainstream Muslim opinion? 

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Asghar Bukhari Has A Vile And Unhinged Twitter Meltdown


The name of Asghar Bukhari enjoyed brief infamy this last week or so after he publicly claimed to have had his footwear stolen from his home, in the dead of night – by ‘Zionists’! This spawned the deliciously rewarding hash tag ‘#MossadStoleMyShoe’ on Twitter. You can hear me discuss this story on my ‘Taking The Myth‘ Podcast (Skip to 5:20):

Now, it’s an unfortunate reality that ranting, Jew-obsessed Islamists are not exactly a novelty, and as such, would not usually merit the extra attention this blog may afford them.

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Taking The Myth – Zionist Shoe Theft! 14 June 2015


This week on Taking The MythStephen Knight and AScotsman Abroad discuss the big topics with guest callers: Did Zionists Steal My Shoe? We ask whether Asghar Bukhari is a lunatic, or if those pesky Jews, um, Zionists really are stealing his footwear. Also, what are the 5 things detailed in Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s new book ‘Heretic’ which she feels are essential for Islamic reform? Can they work? And we bang the drum about Raif Badawi. #MossadStoleMyShoe

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