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Why CAGE Cannot Be Trusted On ‘Prevent’ & Anti-Extremism


‘Prevent’ is a government strategy in the UK with the aim of combatting extremism and radicalisation. Although its clearly stated aims are to tackle both the threat of Islamic extremism and ‘far-right’ extremism – Prevent is still frequently misrepresented by various Islamic interest groups as a sinister ‘anti-Muslim’ project.

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Ep#49 – Emily Dyer – Honour Killing

I’m very pleased to have Emily Dyer (@ErDyer1) on the podcast this week to coincide with International Women’s Day. Emily is a Research Fellow for The Henry Jackson Society and specialises in Women’s rights and Islamism.  She recently wrote a report on the problem of Honour Killing in the UK.  Some of you may have seen her owning it on the BBC’s Big Questions recently too. We discuss ISIS, Islamism, Honour Killing, Apologism, ‘Jihadi Brides’ and rape victim blaming

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