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Australia And The Hateful Muslim Cleric


In the wake of the Orlando shooting where Omar Mateen targeted patrons of gay nightclub Pulse, killing 49 and wounding over 50 more, questions are finally being asked about attitudes towards homosexuality within Muslim communities.

The data alone is incredibly troubling. Staying close to home for just a moment, 100% of British Muslims say that homosexuality is unacceptable. Over half of British Muslims say that it should be criminalised. Attitudes elsewhere in the Muslim world do not make for comforting reading either:

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Ep#55 – Shelley Segal Plays Some Live Music

Australian Singer/songwriter Shelley Segal (@ShelleySegal) will be dropping by this week’s #GSPodcast to play us some live music! Shelley will also be telling us all about her godless songs which can be found on her ‘An Atheist Album’ which includes a tribute to Christopher Hitchens. We also have a great discussion about her Jewish upbringing, gender segregation, Pescetarianism, attending the Secular Conference in London, ‘Sounds Of Freedom’, Maryam Namazie and much more!

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