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Ed Husain Has Gone Off The Deep End


I recently highlighted the fact that Ed Husain chose Darwin Day to out himself as an evolution denier. This was particularly disappointing as I had considered Husain to be an ally of secularism and enlightenment (he co-founded Quilliam with Maajid Nawaz). Many had hopes that this would prove to be a temporary ailment and Ed would ‘get well soon’ so to speak.

Well, in response to the public drubbing he received for his evolution comments, Ed appears to have now completely gone off the deep end. Or ‘gone full Werleman’ if you will:



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Ep#37 – Eiynah



It’s a pleasure to welcome Eiynah (@NiceMangos) back to The #GSPodcast.  We have a debrief on her Tommy Robinson conversation from Episode #34.  We also hear of her upbringing in Saudi Arabia, gay relationships, her open letter to Ben Affleck,
Returning Jihad fighters, Michael Moore, rape threats, #Shirtgate and Naked Dating!

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Below is a guest post from Eiynah:

Swept up in enjoyable conversation, I feel like I might have missed some points that I’d love to add now, Read more