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Debunking Conspiracies: Spread Some Truth On The Anniversary Of 9/11


The anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks is almost upon us, which unfortunately means the re-emergence of conspiratorial crack-pottery across social media and watering holes. Not to mention a surge in the share value of tin foil.

I’ve discovered that you can quickly separate the sceptics from mere atheists by striking up a conversation about 9/11 with the godless. You’d hope that the conversation might progress towards the dangers of Islamic fundamentalism rather than the specific melting point of steel beams, but I’d suggest lowering your expectations.

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Rapper Claims The Earth Is Flat


I’ve always assumed ‘Flat-Earthers’ were the product of biblical literalism (or a lobotomy). To my surprise, the claim that we are not in fact inhabiting an oblate spheroid, but something altogether more pancaksical is more pervasive than I had first thought. Along with ‘chemtrails’ and lizard people, this particular brand of unreason also falls firmly within conspiracy theory. Spend a few moments staring into this abyss if you dare.

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Ep#31 – Michael Shermer – Debunking 9/11 Conspiracy Theories


Michael Shermer of Skeptic Magazine (Skeptic.com) joins me on The #GSPodcast to cast a sceptical eye on popular 9/11 Conspiracy theories. Controlled Demolition? Building 7? Inside Job? THE JEWS! And more! He’ll also explain some of the psychology involved in the formation/acceptance of conspiracy theories. I ask him about The X-Files too. Obviously.


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