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Manchester Police Chief Thinks You’re Not Free To Offend Religion


It’s such a shame that those eager to limit freedom of speech never do us the courtesy of starting with their own stupidity. I’m always amazed when people who enjoy a free, western democracy pay lip service to theocracy. It’s especially concerning when such a person happens to be a Chief Inspector for Greater Manchester Police in the UK.

Chief Inspector Umer Khan thought it was a good idea to share this pearl of wisdom today on his Twitter account:

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Ep#74 – Caroline Fourest – Charlie Hebdo

A year on from the horrific terror attacks on the headquarters of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, I’m fortunate to be joined by author Caroline Fourest (@CarolineFourest) on The #GSPodcast. We talk about her excellent new book ‘In Praise of Blasphemy: Why Charlie Hebdo Is Not “Islamophobic”. She helps clear up some of the smears and myths surrounding Charlie Hebdo and we talk about ‘that’ Sky News interview. In addition, we discuss secularism, the far right and hate speech laws in France. #JeSuisCharlie

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