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WATCH: 3 Reasons To Avoid The Christmas Shoebox Appeal


I decided to make a video detailing the reasons why you shouldn’t support the Christmas Shoebox Appeal organised by The Samaritan’s Purse. Please share it and send it the way of those who may not be aware of this information.

Relevant Links and Resources:

Article ‘The Christmas Shoebox Appeal Is A Manipulative Indoctrination Campaign’

Article ‘Why Parents Shouldn’t Support ‘Operation Christmas Child’

Secular Alternatives To The Shoebox Appeal

Download – Letter Template To Send To Schools To Request The Cease Support Of ‘Operation Christmas Child’

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Ep#39 – ACE – Jonny Scaramanga



Jonny Scaramanga (@JonnyScaramanga) drops in on The #GSPodcast to tell us all about Accelerated Christian Education.  ACE is a fundamentalist Christian schooling system.  Jonny has lived through this system and now spends his time campaigning to raise awareness of the harm it causes.  We talk about the deeply troubling curriculum, which includes racism, sexism, corporal punishment and an insistence that The Loch Ness monster disproves evolution!  Please support Jonny and the fine work he is doing.

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