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Maajid Nawaz V Talib Kweli


It’s been an interesting day or two for Maajid Nawaz of the anti-extremism think tank Quilliam. We learned via Nawaz’s Facebook page that he’d had a run in with a number of Islamist thugs in London:


Keep in mind, Nawaz is a Muslim who is a staunch opponent of Islamic extremism and spends his time championing human rights and secularism for all. The fact that doing so in 2016’s London from within the Muslim community carries such risks demonstrates that the problem is worse than most care to understand.

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Demos’ Flawed research Into ‘Islamophobia’ On Twitter


The ‘backlash narrative’ appears to be alive and well in Britain this week. As is common following the mass slaughter of mostly non-Muslims by Muslims in Europe, we are asked to consider just how bad a time this will create for the real victims here – Muslims. This callous self interest is particularly nauseating, given it often begins whilst the bodies are still warm.

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Mo Shafiq: Supporter of Blasphemy Laws and Hate Preaching Extremists


Mo Shafiq is a former member of the Liberal Democrat party and also runs ‘The Ramadhan Foundation’ in the UK. From what I can gather the latter role consists of little more than having a website and calling yourself a ‘foundation’.

Shafiq enjoys a steady media presence though, wheeled out as the ‘moderate’ talking head for whatever Muslim hot topic is the flavour of the day. The behaviour and views of Mo Shafiq reveal two possibilities however:

1. That the bar for what is to be considered ‘moderate’ has been set patronisingly low,


2. Media outlets are failing to adequately research or question those they deem qualified represent a community.

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Ep#86 – Average Mohamed – Anti-extremism

Average Mohamed (AverageMohamed) will be joining me on this week’s #GSPodcast. Mohamed is a retail worker and family man from Minnesota. In his spare time he is an activists who provides outreach to the Muslim community youth with the aim of dissuading them from succumbing to extremism. We talk about ISIS, scripture, the example of Muhammad, cartoons, democracy and more.

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Dean Obeidallah Embarrasses Himself Again


I’ve documented a number of Dean’s failures to reason like a rational adult before. When he’s not lying about public figures, he likes to abuse atheists and tell them they are the same as triple murderer Craig Hicks simply for asking simple questions. Not to mention pretending to have information about the Chapel Hill murders that the general public or police do not possess.

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