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How Does The Metropolitan Police Classify An ‘Islamophobic’ Hate Crime?


In the wake of any mass Islamist terror attack on mostly non-Muslims, it doesn’t take long before the ‘anti-Muslim backlash’ narrative takes centre stage, namely that good regular Muslims are under siege, or being ‘lynched’ en masse at the hands of non-Muslims.

Now, there is no doubt that Muslims do face anti-Muslim bigotry in the U.K. and one instance of it is one too many. It’s also true that these instances increase after Islamist terror atrocities. I simply wonder whether they are as significant as the media coverage would have you believe, and what the criteria is for classifying something as ‘Islamophobic’.

The BBC reported  that ‘Anti-Islam hate crimes triple in London after Paris attacks’ earlier this week. I’ve been forever suspicious of accepting statistics of this kind at face value since the organisation Tell Mama were found to be inflating their figures by equating what amounted to online insults to ‘violent attacks’. Some of which didn’t even originate from Britain.

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